Sasural Simar Ka 2 8th July 2022 Written Update: Reema finds a way


Sasural Simar Ka 2 8th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with the dialogue of Badima. She rebukes Kapoor family for not following the traditional rules and timing. Mr. Kapoor apologies for being Ishita. He explains the social relationship of Ishita. Badima explains the importance of timing, conventional disciplines, and mannerism.

She says all these things one learns from his or her mother. Simar negotiates in the middle. Giriraj, Chitra, Gajendra,Sandhya everyone make her understand that this thing should be let go. Badima asks Mr Kapoor to take the aid of his mother. Finally Badima accepts the invitation card and asks Simar to offer this in Matarani’s charan. Chitra praises the video of Ishita and says she is happy with Ishita’s family.

Simar says Badima to calm her down. She says that in spite of being the extremely modern, Kapoor family would adjust with us. Badima asks Simar whether they did any rush to fix the marriage. Simar gete tensed and nervous. Simar murmurs about the promise of Aarav. Badima interrogates about the matter. Simar agrees with the matter. She expresses that She wanted to judge the side of Riyansh, not of Ishita. She says about the disposition of Riyansh whether he forgot all the traditional values of India.

Simar doubts about the his flirtatious character. Badima was getting the point and she also starts to doubt. But suddenly Riyansh comes and screams at her. Araav comes to manage the situation. Riyansh says to Badima after announcing him no 1 Simar have started to spy on him. He doesn’t want anymore discrimination.

Riyansh continues to accuse Simar and says Simar wants to target him. Simar always tries to defame him. Riyansh shows his readiness to leave the home then and there. Chitra stops him to hold his hand. Chitra yells at Simar for defamation of Riyansh. She pleads with folded hands to complete this marriage. They leave. Aarav also gets disappointed on Simar. Badima gets puzzled.

Ishita yells at her parents for the reaction of Oswaal members. Everyone tries to calm her down. Ishita gets upset. Mrs Kapoor tells Ishita to think twice for the marriage but she would manage and adjust in anyways, otherwise she will have the option of divorce and separation.

Suddenly Reema enters Ishita’s house. She supports Ishita concept about marriege that it should not be a long term condition. Ishita thanks her for the support. Reema says that Ishita will be lucky to get a supporttive hunband and parent unlike her who is not even getting support from her husband and sister.

Araav disgusts that Simar mentioned Kavya’s topic in front of Badima. But she says that her intension is pure. Araav denies, its too late to discuss Kavya and Riyansh’s relationship. It’s over . As this marriage is now connected with Oswal’s reputation. So, it needs to be perfect without any complication. He requests her not to interfere anymore. Simar looks unhappy.

Reema gives an idea to make a fusion of traditional and modern international marriage to Ishita. Ishita looks impressed. But her photographer denies to capture all the traditional rituals. Reema says this fusion will give a new angle over other trending weddings. Reema recognises Maddy Malhotra the photographer, she also mentions about her new friend Rudra Rathore, who comes to attend the wedding.

Maddy says that Rudra Rathore owns the most prestigious International Fashion magazine ‘Cosmo City’. Reema looks very wondered. Maddy says that if ‘ Cosmo city’ feature his wedding plan he will be a international famous wedding event planner soon.

Reema still cann’t believe Rudra Rathore is so famous. Ishita and Maddy insists Reema to convince Rudra Rathore to feature their weddings. Reema recalls their first meeting. Then Rudra Rathore thanks her for dropping him safely to the hotel through a message. Reema smiles. Reema says she will try her best to convince him. Vivan tries to call Reema but she doesn’t pick up the call.

In a cafe while Viaan and Simar is discussing about the upcoming marriage, Chirag, a friend of Vivan comes. Araav introduce Chirag and Simar. They start discussing about a successful marriage. Araav says that Chirag and Kavya will be a great match. Then comes Kavya. Actually Araav invited both Kavya and Chirag to introduce each other. because, Chirag is looking for a life partner. Simar and Araav leaves them to talk to each other. Chirags asks Kavya to say something about her.Then Kavya’s phone rang .

Chirag says her to take the call , maybe it’s important. It is call from Riyansh. He is asking for forgiveness but on the other he is not even looking sorry. He asks to meet him soon. Riyansh’s tries to convince Kavya emotionally. But she looks disturbed. She says that she feels guilty to meet Riyansh as he going to be married soon.
Episode ends

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