Sasural Simar Ka 2 8th June 2022 Written Update: Oswal Family enjoys picnic


Sasural Simar Ka 2 8th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with the celebration of the oswal family regarding the winning of Simar. Geetanjali devi says to the evils, it’s time to fulfill the condition. Winner will stay in the house, and defeater will be outside. Yamini devi protests against this decision. Badima says don’t you dare to talk to me like this. Badima shows the way out of the house and reminds that if they will come back again, nobody will be worse than the Oswal family. She does’t even want the shadow of them on this house. Evil look tensed and jealous.

Yamini looks with detaste, and crosses the door. Badima says to Yamini that if you win by betraying, that success never will be respectful. That winning never can be fruitful. Yamini says what the competition will be continue. She threatens that she will make them understand what the original success. Yamini looks defeated. Dhami is forbidden to enter the house by Chitra.

Oswal family again starts the celebrating the success. Simar says to Badima that she is the original reason behind her success. She did everything in a perfect rhythm without any practise. Simar praises Badima with her great heart. She acknowledges her contribution. She tells she will never forget her kindness and performance. Then everyone surprises Badima with a grand chair. Vivan says she performed so well that everyone was awestrucked to watch her performances. Yamini was also jealous.

Badima you’re so good. Sandhya asks what’s the connection between Badima and Music. Badima explains that in every indian family there is a strong root of music. She has always been fond of music before the birth of Gajendra. She used to play sitar,Tanpura and harmonium. After so ups and downs she had to put music down. In that age music can’t earn enough money.

She starts a Maa Durga Petha to run the household. Then she leaves music. Simar says but music didn’t leave her. She always searched the guru outside, now she found inside. Then they all plan for a picnic as Araav promised as treat of winning of the competition. Everyone looks happy. Aarav says it’s the perfect situation to go for picnic after so long. Reema looks so excited. Badima also permits .

Next morning Sandhya and Simar is going to offer a Sharee for picnic. Aarav, Vivaan and Gajendra look cool in their sunny outfit. They are waiting others to come. One by one comes. Everyone looks bright in their bright dress. Aarav praises Simar and Sandhya. Badima is looked hesitated to wear a Salwar Kamij. Everyone praises her. Badima becomes glad. Every member looks happy. Badima says this is the best picnic ever she had.

Picnic starts. Everyone enjoys. Simar and Aarav is romancing with each other. Three couples entertain each other. Simar says this is a beautiful location. Vivaan legs pull of Aarav and Simar. They go for a game then. Geetanjali devi prepares to organise the fruits. Aarav and Simar start to dance. Vivaan and Reema are also romancing. Aarav, Gajendra and Vivaan are with Badima.

Gajendra praises her wife. How she looks more beautiful than the nature. Aarav also praises simar’s new look. Reema and Vivaan starts cuddling with each other. Simar reminiscences their first romance.

Aarav says he will never forget that moments. He loves to spend every birth with her. They lost in each other’s eyes. Suddenly Geetanjali starts whistling. Badima says, Simar and Badima says they have a plan. They are the best family. We shall enjoy every moment of this picnic.

Sandhya says that means we will do whatever we like. Vivaan says we shall play like a child. They plan to play hide and seek. But Gajendra says when Sandhya and Simar both agreed to play Pittu, then they must play Pittu. Badima says silent.

Giriraj and Chitra come in Oswal family, but there is no one. Chitra tells everyone goes to the picnic to celebrate the success and to please Simar even when they don’t have any penny for future.

There is a tug of war between team pittu and Hide & seek. Aarav winks Simar. Simar shouts it’s a cheating. Tug of war goes on. Suddenly Simar and team Pittu pull the rope so hard that Aarav falls on her. Badima whistles. Everyone agrees to play Pittu. Badima tells there is a innocence between Simar and Aarav, and a khatti mitti relationship between Vivaan and Reema.

Gajendra mentioned the name of Giriraj, Badima became upset. In a side of the forest, Episode ends with Simar telling the awkwardness of her to Aarav, suddenly they heard some unknown sound from the other side of forest. There was a girl with a gun.

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