Sasural Simar Ka 2 9th March 2023 Written Update: Vivaan releases himself from the imprisonment


Episode starts with Holi celebration in Oswaal family. She is asked to start the dahan celebration but Simar doubts something fishy. She also notices the eagerness of Aarav. Meanwhile, Riyansh asks Badima about the reason of Holi celebration. Badima explains the story of Bhakt Prahllad and how evil was defeated by the God of Fire. The evil naag mocks at Badima. Before putting the fire in the fuel, Simar prays to God of fire to help her out. As soon as Simar proceeds to set fire, a rigorous storm comes and extinguishes the fire. No one can understand what’s going on. Evils are shocked. Badima prays to Matarani if something ominous will happen.
Aarav rebukes Simar in front of everyone which awestrucks others.

When Aarav again tries to set the fire, Badima proclaims this should be lighten by the the lamp of Badima. But Aarav doesn’t listen her and requests Badima to do hurry. Badima gets irritated on Aarav, she explains the reason then all the members go inside to complete the puja. Meanwhile, Simar gets some indication that there might be someone inside the fire set up. Simar digs up the wood and notices Suraj there. Here, the puja gets started and after praying of Badima she distributes the blessing of Badima. Suddenly they hear quirky of sound, Reema proceeds towards her own room as this sound is of Vivaan scrambling for release. She is also asked to call Vivaan for once. Simar can’t understand what was happened with Suraj.

When Simar finds out the wrist watch of Aarav, she realises that this man couldn’t be Aarav, as Aarav is harmless man. She also relates that may be what Suraj was saying, those words has some inner meaning. She can’t understand whatb she should do. Here, when Vivaan releases himself and tries to run out from the cupboard, Reema arrives there and they start fighting. Reema locks him in the cupboard, but again Vivaan frees himself. Simar decides she have to hide the senseless Suraj without knowing Naag. Then all the members come outside to complete the left ritual.

Simar decides to move around the circle and hiding the body of Suraj, she comes in the front with the stick of fire. Then on asking of Badima, Simar sets the fire on the fuel. Badima again prays to the God of fire for the blessing. Actually, Simar was helped by Vivaan to hide the body. Suraj is brought in the home. The three discuss how would they solve the problem. Then Suraj drags Vivaan and Simar to show the original identity of Aarav. They both see Aarav is a snake.

Episode ends.