Sasural Simar Ka 2 9th May 2022 Written Update: Reema consoles Simar


Sasural Simar Ka 2 9th May 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Geetanjali sees Simar sitting outside Aarav’s room. She goes to Simar and puts her hand on her head. She says that her place is not here. She adds that she knows it’s heartbroken when another woman puts her hand on someone’s husband. Tears welled up in Geetanjali’s eyes while saying this. Simar tells Geetanjali that she cannot get sad like this. Because if she breaks, what will happen to them?

She tells Geetanjali that Aarav too will be upset right now and will be trying to handle his problems. Geetanjali ignores her. She says that Aarav is like his grandfather. She asks Simar to walk to her room. Simar goes with her. Here Dhami writes her and Aarav’s names with a rose. She goes to Aarav and says that their bed is ready.

Aarav gets disgusted hearing this. He says that he is here with her only because his family is in danger. He asks her how can she stay here when no one likes her. Dhami shouts at him. She further pacifies herself and says that they should not fight on this day and should talk calmly. Aarav says that he does not want to talk to her.

Dhami says that they should throw Simar out of the house. Aarav gets angry. He says that this house belongs to Simar. Dhami tells him that he can not shout at her like this as she is his wife. Aarav says that he has only one wife and she is Simar. Dhami takes scissors in her hand and says that if he makes her angry, she will not leave Simar. Aarav gets worried. She says that if he obeys her then she will not do anything to Simar.

Here Simar goes to Reema. She hugs her and starts crying. Reema tries to handle her. Dhami tells Aarav that he will have to lift her veil as per the rituals. She puts a veil over her face. Aarav starts looking at the moon and calls Simar. While Dhami shows Aarav the scissors and calls him to her side. Simar tells Reema that they have to stop Dhami.

Reema asks Simar what she has thought of doing. Simar says that she has to meet Aarav. She adds that she can clearly see how upset Aarav is. Reema thinks that they should try to find out something about Dhami on social media. But they don’t get anything in social media too. Reema tells Simar a plan so that they can teach Dhami a good lesson. Simar agrees to execute the plan.

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