Sasural Simar Ka 2 Upcoming Story: Badima is furious on Riyansh!!!


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Colours TV’s popular Sasural Simar ka 2 show will show an interesting plot twist. Badima realises the difference between Kapoor family and themselves. Simar continues to find out the falsity of Riyansh and Ishita and tries to rectify them. But Riyansh signs in matrimonial agreemental bond without the permission of elders.

In the previous episode, Kapoor family compels Riyansh to sign in a agreement paper for future dispute and asks to keep this secret. Ishita dances in a very naughty manner. Elders gets embarrassed.

Simar runs to cover her up. Again Ishita and Simar argues about the traditional and the modern culture. Meanwhile Maddy proposes the Oswal family to participate dance competition.

Reema accepts the challenge. Everyone starts to dance but suddenly Aditi falls down and is taken to hospital. But doctor assures her healthy health.

In today’s episode, Ishita would pretend to be innocent and would act for apology. Ishita would pretend to break the relationship but Aarav would manage the situation somehow. Vivaan would discover Rudra and Reema in their close moments.

Reema and Vivaan would misunderstand each other and Reema would continue to argue for her own stand. Badima would become furious on Riyansh as he signed on the matrimonial agreemental paper without taking their permission.

Chitra would become vexed to hear assaulted language towards Riyansh and would point out the outcomes of Simar’s intrigue interference.

Would Vivaan accept the over intimacy of Rudra and Reema?
What’s the motive of Kapoor family behind the marriage?
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