Sasural Simar Ka 2 Upcoming Story: Riyansh to lie to Ishita?


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Colours TV’s popular Sasural Simar ka 2 show will show an interesting plot twist. Badima and finally decide to accept Ishita as Oswal member. But just after the taking the entry, she starts to poke Simar. Ishita is now on the way of mission ideal bahu.

In today’s episode, Reyansh is compelled to act according to Pallavi and Chitra. Ishita and Reyansh, together apologize to Badima for their desperation before marriage.Being exasperated, Badima explains how Reyansh and Ishita pretended to be innocent.

Simar doubts something else and remember the prescription which she found in doctor’s chember. Reyansh on his knees, apologizes to Badima. He says if she wouldn’t allow the true fact, it’s better to abort the baby.

But to listen this, Badima gets fired. Simar calls Kavya to know the truth whether she went in the hospital. Kavya is exasperated in the situation and starts to cry.

After so many trantrums finally Badima accepts the pregnancy news of Ishita. But suddenly Simar interrogates Reyansh about Kavya’s pregnancy. He blames Simar as she is trying to spoil his happiness.

In the next episode, Simar says she would proves this things by checking the cctv footage. Rudra would offer a model of a brand and invites her to come in Mumbai. Reema would hesitate to grab the offer and she thinks about the opinion of Vivaan.

Reyansh would confessthat Kavya really came there to meet him. She would try to blackmail him for money. Again Reyansh would deliberately slander to traduce Kavya.Badima wants to talk with Simar privately.

Badima would ask Simar whether Ishita is truly pregnant or not. She would adjoin that if there is any falsity about the pregnancy, Ishita couldn’t hide this truth longer. Badima would also give the responsibility of the new forthcoming baby to Simar.

Rakhibandhan function would be organised in Oswal family.Badima would also tie dhaga or rakshasutra to Ishita’s hand to protect the forthcoming baby from all the danger and problems. Pallavi and Chitra would screw themselves up for their own trap.

Would Ishita question Riyansh for his visitation to the hospital?

Would Badima come to know the original truth of Ishita?

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