Sasural Simar Ka 2 Upcoming Story: Simar to identify the new wife Gajendra!


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Colours TV’s popular Sasural Simar ka 2 show will show an interesting plot twist. A ugly statue has appeared in the house of Oswaal as Gajendra finds himself as guilt. He confesses that he has a daughter of himself whose name is Masumi.

Masumi arrives in the house of Oswaal. Her elder sister Gunjan also joins her as evil spirit and becomes the part of all the conspiracy. Later, their mother Charulata also arrive in Oswaals getting back her position.

Previously, Gunjan and Masumi both show their gratitude to her mother as her mother helped them to reach the Oswaal family.

Then suddenly Masumi opens the cover of the graveyard which gives a shock to Sandhya, when she falls, getting a jerk, to the dead body of the mother of Gunjan, all the palm lines are exchanged with Sandhya. And the dead body is enliven taking the life and fortune from Sandhya.

Gajendra expresses to Aarav how sorry he is and makes him know that Sandhya has forgiven him. Later, the mother will be present under the veil instead of Sandhya in the marriage ceremonial hall.

In the next episode, Simar goes to open the veil, but she is stopped by Badima.When Geetanjali debi opens up the veil, there is another lady instead of Sandhya debi. Then the mother of Gunjan and Masumi appears as a bride which astounds every member of thr family. she instroduces others with her two girls.

Simar, listening her words, relates that this lady is Charulata,Badima acclaims that she is dead before 25 years. Then Charulata shouts at them saying she was murdered by this while family. Badima with a trembling voice asks Charu what she wants. Then Charulata acclaims that she wants to be welcomed and accepted by others.

Could Simar identify the reason behind the odd appearance of Masumi!

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