Sasural Simar Ka 2 Upcoming Story: Simar to invite the stranger in the battle?


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Colours TV’s popular Sasural Simar ka 2 show will show an interesting plot twist. Tara, a evil witch appears in the Oswaal family, tries to ivoke Aarav, but Simar saves Aarav somehow. Therefore, a venomous snake arrives and snatches the body of Aarav, meanwhile, a stranger introduces himself as a Aarav to Simar.

Previously we have seen, Simar can’t bear the emotional tantrums in her heart as the stranger forces her to believe him as Aarav and she runs out from the temple. Here, Every behaviour of Aarav makes her feel uncomfortable and uneasy.

Simar tells everything to Vivaan, he is occupied with many grotesque spooky behaviour. Vivaan also expresses Simar how Reema tactfully collected all the blood samples by herself and quarrelled with Vivaan for no reason.

Reema returns in her room and opens the box of the blood collection, she sees they are all destroyed for her imbalance. Tara and Aarav both conspire how would they reach their goal. After getting a drop of blood, this snake will achieve his coveted power.

Later when Simar requests to tell her the truth, Brahmin promises he would try to know the mystery by meditation, but he is kelled by the venomous snake in the absence of Simar.

In the next episode, Simar starts to believe the stranger boy, but she can’t use her heart and head simultaneously. He says he is ready to do everything for Simar.

Simar accepts this challenge and asks that stranger to stand face to face to Aarav. Badima proceeds to go nearest temple, she gets a shock from a shoe. Reema put a pin on the shoe which pokes her skin and blood comes out. Reema collects her blood.

Vivaan is attacked by Reema furiously. Simar introduces this boy as Suraj, as the manager of their event management of Holi, all the members take him differently. Aarav becomes threatened seeing Suraj.

How would Vivaan save herself from the punishment of Reema?

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