Sasural Simar Ka 2 Upcoming Story: That rigid Brahmin to come in Oswaal family for solution!


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Colours TV’s popular Sasural Simar ka 2 show will show an interesting plot twist. A ugly statue has appeared in the house of Oswaal as Gajendra finds himself as guilt. He confesses that he has a daughter of himself whose name is Masumi.

Masumi arrives in the house of Oswaal. Her elder sister Gunjan also joins her as evil spirit and becomes the part of all the conspiracy. Later, their mother Charulata also arrive in Oswaals getting back her position.

Previously we have seen, to free Charulata, Masumi cuts the root with some red glass pieces. She becomes more offended and more revengeful. Simar collects some rope and does something mysterious with that rope.

Hoping something dangerous, Badima proceeds to sacrifice her own life to Charulata.Suddenly, Simar arrives with that big net which is stiched with that auspicious root.In spite of requesting others, Charu doesn’t spare Badima.

Then Charulata and Masumi both are stucked under the net.. Aarav and Vivaan go to call that Brahmin. Suddenly, Aarav listens the voice of Sandhya maa, but Simar forbids to turn his face, as this is the voice of that witch.They both leave the house.

In the next episode, after reaching to the Brahmin, Aarav asks him to help them out, but Brahmin says they have find out that red door by themselves to get the root.

Here as soon as Simar and Reema pick up tha red glass they can see the original face of that evils. Simar links that there’s some link between red colour and that witches so they came out to the forest .

The both start to see through the red glass and notice that there is a tree the leaves of the tree take the shape of bush. But as in the midst of the way, Simar her lost her sister, she returned home.

Charulata starts to call geetanjali devi with the voice of her husband. Repeatedly, evil attacks thr family, but finally that Brahmin helps them out in that struggle time.

Would Badima resist herself from the provocation?

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