Sasural Simar Ka 2 Upcoming Story: What does Rudra want from Reema?


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Colours TV’s popular Sasural Simar ka 2 show will show an exquisite plot twist. Badima fixes the marriage of Riyansh. Riyansh reveals his love partner as Ishita.

Matrimonial functions are being arranged. But Simar discovers another relationship of Riyansh with Kavya. Riyansh wants to take revenge and wants to harm Ishita. Would Simar able to save Kavya?

In today’s episode, Priest asks to Chitra to complete the Kuya parikrama with Ishita and Riyansh. Chitra and Riyansh completes some traditional ritual. Badima explains the importance of it. Puja completes. Again Maddy interrupts for his reshoot. He asks to bring a good shaped coconut but everyone looks irritated.

Badima comes in midst of his photographs. Maddy is asked to give the mobile by Badima and she throws it in well.Maddy and Ishita gets agitated as Maddy has no backup of the photos.

Maddy becomes unnerved and anxious for the harrasment. He wants to go away. But Ishita says if he does away she would stop this marriage function.

Simar and Aarav comes and gives him the money for compensation. Then Rudra comes and Maddy becomes surprised to see him. Reema and Rudra make friendship. Rudra requests to Maddy to complete the photoshoot as he will cover it as his magazine story.

Maddy becomes salivated. He agrees and accepts the offer. The friends of Riyansh again pokes him for Kavya. Simar and Badima discuss about the difference between traditional and modern marriage. Bfore appearing Chirag, Riyansh comes infront of Kavya and pleads her for the apology in the cafe.

Chirag reveals the truth to Simar that may be Kavya is not interested in him as she was talking with another boy. Simar is trying to manage the situation but Chirag cuts the phone. Kavya says to Riyansh that she doesn’t have any interest about him and says doesn’t love him anymore.

Kavya Insults him. Riyansh gives excuses for his previous behaviour. Simar doubts Riyansh as she sees the driving park of the cafe in the video call. Riyansh makes her believe that he loves her as he left the important marriage functions behind. He knees down to seek the apology. Simar reveals the truth to Aarav.

In the next episode, Simar will explain the truth of Riyansh to Aarav, but he won’t listen her. Rather he will rebuke Simar, as she will doubt Riyansh even in his marriage function.
Rudra will be pleased to see the exquisite decoration of the Oswaal family. Maddy will be asked to take every snaps of the every corner.

Maddy will politely ask permission to Badima for the photoshoot and will give her the proper respect. Badima will become pleased and gives him the permission. To see Reema’s in gorgeous attire in her snazzy snappy dress, Rudra will get flattered.

Ishita will comes to participate function. Badima will give her the permission to click photos. But everyone will get tensed as Riyansh will be no nowhere. Ishita will search for Ishita. Simar and Aarav will look tensed about Riyansh. He will say Riyansh has gone to tailer to fit his Sherwani. Aarav will manage the situation and will go to find Riyansh.

Simar and Aarav will discuss together for they excute the problem. Riyansh will bring Kavya in hotel room, and will lock the room from outside. Riyansh will call his friends and boasts about himself. Simar will get tensed about the situation. Aarav will rebuke her and will request her to handle the situation.

Simar will want to reveal the truth, and she will explain and will give logic behind her doubts. Aarav will misunderstand her. Simar will say about the flirtatious character of Riyansh. But Aarav will not ready to believe. He will say he believes on Riyansh. Aarav will leave Simar in a conflict situation. Chirag will come to Aarav as Aarav calls him.

Aarav will show him the photo of Riyansh whether he is the boy who Chirag saw in the cafe. Aarav will become angry. Riyansh will come in the room and will make the pretension of love. He will hug her and will say he loves her passionately.

Mrs Kapoor will poke about the fact that Badima herself doesn’t maintain the discipline which she will impose on others. Mrs Kapoor will question about Badima’s punctuality of time.

Aarav suddenly will come and will say Riyansh is coming. Rudra will say he is also unhappy with his marriage. Reema will feel the same. Vivaan suddenly will comewhen Rudra will console her.

Would Riyansh disrespect Kavya?

Would Vivaan accept the friendship of Rudra and Reema?

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