Sasural Simar Ka 2 Upcoming Story: Would Badima accept the pompous attitude of Kapoor family?


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Colours TV’s popular Sasural Simar ka 2 show will show an exquisite plot twist. Badima tries to arrange a marriage for Riyansh. After many trantrums finally Riyansh reveals his love relationship with Ishita, a girl from Kapoor family.

Oswaal family accepts Ishita as their would be daughter in law. Discussing the issues, both families fix the marriage date. But ultimately two contradictory families could connect themselves? Badima is on fire.

In today’s episode, Aarav and Simar explains Badima how and why did they take the responsibility of marriage of Kavya. Badima appreciates them and reminds how it is a difficult work and blesses them. Badima express her opinion regarding Riyansh’s marriage. She wants it in a traditional way and wants to exclude all the grandeur and showcasing functions.

Badima wants to follow all the ancient rituals. Contradictory Ishita hires a Maddy, a event manager to direct her marriage in grandeur, trendy and pompous way. Maddy promises everything will be international, contemporary and updated style.

Maddy illustrates to Kapoor family about the hot and trendy decoration. Maddy finals Ishi-Rishi’s Shadi as a hashtag. Meanwhile the Lahenga of Reema still doesn’t fit her. She becomes upset. Chitra comes with a gift and delivers the gift to Reema. This is nighty for Reema for her pregnancy and Reema gets on fire. They start argue about the issue again.

Reema says she doesn’t has any problem with rate race and kitchen politics. Chitra emphasizes to say that she wants a baby. They yells and scream at each other.

Chitra goes to slap her but Vivan comes to stop her. He asks recess for himself from this controversy and domestic unrest. He requests both to maintain the balance of relationship otherwise he will broke down. Meanwhile Oswal family goes to temple of Ganapati ji.

Badima asks Panditji to offer the card to invite Ganpati ji first and asks blessings. Badima asks Riyansh whether he is happy with this traditional ritual or not. He says, he is not happy with that.

In upcoming episode, Badima would ask Riyansh whether he is happy with his marriage or not. Riyansh would say he completely agree with the opinion of his pyare Bindu or Badima. Meanwhile Reema would go to airport to pick guests up and there she would meet Rudra, a handsome guy.

He will be very impressed to see the flawless beauty of Reema. Getting the compliments and guidance from Rudra, Reema will be very pleased. On saying of Vivaan, Simar would try to explain him the fact that in spite of being beautiful and talented Reema is not getting enough opportunity. She would advise to handle Reema’s more pretty sensitively.

Badima would discuss about the invitation of the marriage and distribution to Giriraj and Gajendra. Many people would call and message. Everyone would be confused how everyone gets the news of the marriage.

Riyansh would say this news is spread for the video which is posted by Ishita. This became trending. In the video, Kapoor family would announce the marriage of Riyansh and Ishita in grandeur manner.

Badima will become angry to see their pompous attitude. In the video, Ishita would also dance in a hotty and exaggerated manner.

Why Ishita is over excited with her marriage?
Would Riyansh change himself?

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