Sasural Simar Ka 2 Upcoming Story: Would Rudra harm Reema somehow?


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Colours TV’s popular Sasural Simar ka 2 show will show an interesting plot twist. Badima and finally decide to accept Ishita as Oswal member. But just after the taking the entry, she starts to poke and insults Simar. Ishita is now on the way of mission ideal bahu. Ishita pretends to be pregnant.

In today’s episode, Badima asks Ishita to stay in Simar’s room for the few next days. Ishita pretends to be sorry for the disturbance and disappointments of others. Ishita asks Badima for a grand celebration of janmastami to revive the vibes of the home.

Reyansh goes in Aditi’s law house to find Kavya is Simar has hidden them in her home. But he doesn’t find anything. Reema reaches finally in the house of Rudra.

Rudra questions Reema whether she took the permission of her home or not. He assures that everything will be forgotten when she will be successful.

Vivaan awakes in the end of the journey. Vivan, confused and tensed, can’t connect with Reema anymore.

Finally, when Reema receives the call, she assures that she will reach Manali by tomorrow morning. Meanwhile Parents of Kavya confesses that Kavya is taken by Simar and Aarav, but they don’t know, where they had reach.

In the next episode, Reema would feel guilty for Vivaan. Vivaan also would feel disturbed in Manali to think of Reema’s distress.

Rudra would give a glass of juice, after which taking, Reema would feel uneasy as Rudra mixed some odd medicine to it. After losing her sense, Rudra would take out her sim card to distract her location.

Simar would become clueless to think of Reema. Everyone of Oswaal family would arrange for janmastami. To be jealous, Ishita would pledge to do Aarati and Jhula by herself at first.

Simar would decide that she will gift a laddu gopal to Badima, and she will try her best to secure it in this janmastami. After getting the sense, Reema would realise that she is locked in a dark room. After screaming, Reema would panick and call Rudra for seeking help.

Rudra would come to show his evil look. Reema would fear something ominous is going to happen. She would feel something bad going to happen. She would also tell that today all the falsity will be washed away.

Would Vivaan find Reema anywhere? What is going with Reema?
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