Sasural Simar Ka Upcoming Story: Could Simar able to pacify Badima?


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Colours TV’s popular show will witness an interesting plot. Badima tries to arrange a marriage for Riyansh. Riyansh tries to hide something from the Oswaal family. Badima finds something fishy. She doubts something about him and decides to get him marry.

Reema, Chitra and Simar are given the responsibility to find the suitable girl for Riyansh. Finally the relationship of Riyansh reveals. Ishita’s family comes to meet Oswaal family.

In today’s episode, Kapoor shows their extravagant attitude towards the life and fashionable things. Badima gets angry on their profligate behaviour. Kapoor family pokes on Aditi’s marriage. Badima declares that she will not make this relationship as a matrimonial knot. Everyone awestrucks.

Simar explains to Ishita that Badima is a good hearted lady. She will be melted soon if Ishita herself try to do that. Simar says Badima that Ishita should get a second chance. Badima will ask Ishita to make a homemade tea. She will make it in her own way. Badima will be pleased. Everyone will be pleased. But Simar will smell something fishy.

In the upcoming episode, Simar will express her doubts regarding the whimsical attitude of Riyansh. Aarav will say to Simar not be tensed. Badima would accept Ishita as her would be Oswal member and she will whisper to Simar that she wants to gift somthing to Ishita and will ask to bring a jewellery from her room. Badima will congratulate Riyansh.

Simar would get confused and tensed. Everyone will congratulate Simar as she is the pioneer of this marriage. Kapoor family gets very happy. Simar will go to the room of Vivaan to interrogate Riyansh about the girl who entered in the room of him in the previous day as Ishita didn’t enter his room.

Riyansh will lost his temper and yelled at her. Aarav will makes her understand this is the way of silent respect. May be Riyansh has some problem to express. Aarav will say that she has fulfilled her duty completely. Simar will promise that she will try her best to make this marriage as a successful occasion.

Would Riyansh finally marry Ishita?

Would Badima accept Ishita as her grand daughter in law?

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