Sasural Simar Ka Upcoming Story: Could Simar able to save Aarav?


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Colours TV’s popular Sasural Simar ka 2 show will show an interesting plot twist. Rudra will captivate the whole Oswaal family with her black magic for his own sake. Meanwhile, Simar brings back Reema again in the house. But Mayakshi and Chhaya again conspire to disown all the power of Simar.

In today’s episode, Aarav losses his senses and life for a hard wound. All other members come to see and loses their words to see Aarav. Rudra gets hurt with the power of Kamakshi. Rudra is regarded as a shame of her hereditary for his failure.

A homely health unit is created for checking Aarav up in the home of Oswaal. Most of them keeping aside the tension, arrange for necessary steps. Simar sticks in the believe that nothing bad would happen with Aarav, as she worshipped matarani by her own hands.

Badima standing still in her own room with a gun, reminds the old incidents for which these all things are happening. Simar somehow calms her down when Badima wants to sacrifice her own life to break that prophecy.

Many years ago, Badima mistakenly killed her own husband by her own hands. Badima realises her own mistakes and how she forgot all the incidents in the flow of life when she was cursed by the Karma. They both pledge together that they will not let happen any harm to Aarav.

Sadhwiji disagrees to help Simar who has somehow managed to escape the death, but Aarav won’t.

In the next episode, Simar will take the care of Aarav when he will be still in his coma. Sandhya will break down being in a oppressive situation, but Badima and others will try to pacify her. Meanwhil, Kavya will come to help Simar but she would deny to take that. When Kavya will leave, she will lose her balance due to the fallen water.

Simar would take a notice of the water and will try to find out the reason. She will pray to God and suddenly will see the auspicious footprints which are significant to her. By following those prints,

she will reach in the main gate, and see that Kamakshi and Chaya will try to cut the blessed dhaga, but Simar will stop them and ask Kamakshi to leave the house.

Later Chaya will also try to stab a seizure but she couldn’t. Meanwhile, a blade of fan will be running towards Aarav, but somehow Simar will manage to stop that. Badima will bless her apple of eyes.

Why did Sadhwiji ask Simar to remember her past life?

How Simar would save Aarav?

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