Sasural Simar Ka Upcoming Story: Kapoor family is not fit with Oswaal family!


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Colours TV’s popular show will witness an interesting plot. Badima tries to arrange a marriage for Riyansh. Riyansh tries to hide something from the Oswaal family. Badima finds something fishy. She doubts something about him and decides to get him marry.

Reema, Chitra and Simar are given the responsibility to find the suitable girl for Riyansh. Finally the relationship of Riyansh reveals.

In today’s episode, Simar shows the picture of Ishita to Riyansh. He gets caught in the act. Simar says that Aarav and she will go to meet with Ishita. Simar asks to him to meet Ishita up with them. They all meet in a cafe. Simar unboxes all the truth and negligences of Riyansh to Ishita. Ishita becomes angry.

Ishita reveals about their engagement. Simar says to Riyansh that he should discuss the matter with the family. After returning Simar expresses to everyone about their engagement and relationship.

Badima and Chitra confound to listen about the engagement. To learn about the love affair Chitra doesn’t allow to accept this love marriage. Riyansh confesses he loves Ishita. Badima asks Simar to invite the parents of Ishita in their home in the next morning.

In upcoming episode, Riyansh will ask the forgiveness from Badima. Badima will say him not to worry about anything and will also ask whether he is ready to marry or not. Reema will not get any role for herself. She will become upset and will be angry on Simar without any reason.

Vivan will try to find a role for Reema but he couldn’t. Reema will go to a doctor for anti ageing treatment and facial skin repairing.
Meanwhile the parents of Ishita comes and will showcase of their fashion sense and garment design. As they are superly well fashioned, they will expect the same arrangement from the Oswaal family. Badima will give the lecture of their own simple and down to earth living.

Kapoor family will start poking about the notorious mariage culture or Oswaal family. They will start to argue with each other’s family.

Would Riyansh finally marry Rishita?
Would Chitra accept Ishita as her daughter in law?
Will Reema continue to persue her dream?

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