Shaadi Mubarak 16th April 2021 Written Update: Preeti confronts Vishal

Shaadi Mubarak Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On
Shaadi Mubarak Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Shaadi Mubarak 16th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Preeti scolding the school teacher for snatching little Preeti’s role and giving it to Kirti. The teacher notify Preeti about the letter, which she received from her, in which she have asked to give the role to Kirti. She shows the letter to Preeti, whereas Preeti gets shocked and states that she haven’t sended any letter. Teacher calls the guard, who have given her the letter. Preeti suddenly remembers Vishal’s statement and doubts him. She shows his photograph to the guard, while he confirms that it was Vishal who have given him the letter. Meanwhile, Priyanka hears their conversation.

Here, little Preeti misses Preeti and ask about her. Meanwhile, Vishal poisons her mind against Preeti. He lies about Preeti being busy with her new friends in the office. Little Preeti gets hurt.

Ahead, Preeti confronts Vishal. She scolds him for trying to create rift in between her and his daughter. He tries to ignore her, but she stands in front of him. She warns him not to come in between little Preeti and her. She blames him for writing a letter on her behalf, whereas he confess his crime. He pours his heart out and states that how her behaviour annoys him. He blames her for snatching his loved ones from him, while Shikha’s mother witnesses their conversation. Preeti gets furious at Vishal and makes him understand about how his act have hurted his daughter. She states that she is just fulfilling Shikha’s last wish and will always be their for little Preeti. At that time little Preeti comes there, while Preeti diverts the topic and sends her away. Later, she faces Vishal and shows him the difference in between him and her. She states that if little Preeti will get to know about the truth, then she will get hurt. She tries to make Vishal understand, but he stays adamant.

Priyanka gives breakfast to Neel. She shares about the school incident with him, while he ask her to stay away from all this matter. She reminds him about his promise and apprise him about her plan. She decides to help Vishal in separating little Preeti from Preeti, in order to get their Preeti back. Neel doesn’t get convinced, but Priyanka somehow makes him agree. Kushala informs them about her relative’s health condition and ask them to notify KT about it. She tells them to ask KT to go to London. Priyanka takes it as a positive sign and gets excited to surprise KT, when he will return back.

Elsewhere, Vishal’s daughter ignores Preeti. She ask Vishal to get her ready. Preeti gets hurt, whereas Shikha’s mother looks at her with sympathy. Little Preeti denies to kiss Preeti and moves out along with Vishal.

Ahead, Priyanka comes to meet Vishal and ask him about Preeti. He looks confused, while she introduces herself as Preeti’s boss. She lies to him about Preeti, stating that she have booked two tickets for herself and her daughter, for going to Bangalore. Vishal gets shocked and looks at Priyanka.

Preeti remembers little Preeti’s misbehaviour and cries. At that time she hears KT’s radio show. His words comforts her and she embraces herself with assurance. Later, she have an emotional breakdown.

Precap:- Goons kidnaps little Preeti and Kirti, while Preeti witnesses it. She reports it to the police and worries about the kids. Police ask her to relax, whereas she lashes out on them. Further, Kirti and little Preeti gets scared, as the goons tied them.

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