Shaadi Mubarak 18th March 2021 Written Update: KT questions Preeti about her Delhi tickets


Shaadi Mubarak 18th March 2021 Written Update

Episode starts with Tibrewals celebrating baby shower when KT starts dancing with full enthusiasm. “Mahi Ve plays” KT performs with Preeti and then Priyanka and Neel joins them. Preeti goes towards Furti and caresses her head showing her happiness and gratitude. She starts feeling dizzy while Kushala notices it and supports her. Everyone dances around Preeti in joy while she feels unwell. Kushala takes her inside the room and calls the doctor after giving comfort to Preeti.

At that time KT comes there being worried for her and ask about her health. Neel ask him to come down as guests are waiting for him while he gets angry and scolds Neel stating that nothing is more important to him rather then Preeti. He says that every function is incomplete without her while Kushala looks at him. Kushala makes an excuse saying that Preeti gets unwell cause she haven’t had her meal while KT scolds Preeti and goes to bring her food.

Preeti looks at Kushala while she joins hands in front of Preeti stating that she can’t tell KT about the disease as it will shatter him. She requests Preeti to hide the truth as she can’t able to see KT suffering. Preeti cries while Kushala gets emotional. She begs Preeti to hide about her illness from KT as it can harm torment him.

Juhi gets shocked hearing there conversation. She gets inside while on the other side KT comes there with food tray. Kushala takes the tray and ask KT to go. She assures him that she will take care of Preeti while he denies to go.

Furti comes there and ask KT to come with her. She shows him the gifts while he states that she can have whatever she likes. She gets excited while he shows his regardness towards her. They opens the gifts together when Furti gets Juhi and Preeti’s ticket to Delhi which gets dropped from Juhi’s bag mistakenly. She gets stunned reading it and mutters that why Preeti is going to Delhi?

Juhi tells about their ticket to Preeti and Kushala. She gets furious at Kushala for asking Preeti to hide about her disease and says that how risky the treatment is! She requests Kushala to let Preeti inform KT about her cancer as he can be the biggest support for her while Kushala keeps requesting Preeti not to do so. Preeti looks lost while Juhi stands on her support. They both keeps telling Preeti to what to do when KT comes there. He questions Preeti about going to Delhi while she lies to him about visiting temples in order to pray for Furti and their kid. He gets angry t her for going alone while she tries to explain him but he leaves from there.

Juhi states that she will tell KT about Preeti’s cancer but Preeti stops her by giving her swear. Juhi gets upset with Preeti and goes from there. Kushala joins her hands in front of Preeti and apologises to her while Preeti assures her. Kushala cries and hugs Preeti tightly.

Later on Preeti goes to pacify KT. She tries to dance in front of him while he shakes his head as she couldn’t able to do it. He reminds her about the steps and they both shares some quality time dancing together. Preeti gets emotional and hugs KT. She says that she is going for an important work and requests him to forgive her while he assures her smilingly. He states that he is always there for her support and embraced her protectively.

Precap:- Preeti gets worried thinking about her surgery while Doctor tells KT that hospital won’t be responsible if anything happens to Preeti. Preeti hugs KT sobbing in his embrace while he gives her strength.