Shaadi Mubarak 22nd March 2021 Written Update: Preeti prays for Furti and the baby


Shaadi Mubarak 22nd March 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with KT hiding his tears from Preeti while she faces him and ask to pour his emotions out. He cries hugging her tightly while she consoles him with moisty eyes. She states that they both will together fight against the cancer while he sobs in her embrace. She reminds him about how strong she is that she have fought for her rights. She says that they both together have made Shaadi-Mubarak successful and states that they can do anything if they have each other. She tries to boost him with positive hope and wipes his tears.

They goes towards the hospital while Preeti smiles imagining their future with the baby. She tries to show it to KT that how they will handle their baby while he ignores it and moves away.

In the morning Preeti keeps hugging KT’s hand as both sits silently on the hospital bed. Later on KT gives hospital uniform to Preeti to get changed into. She takes it while they shares an emotional eyelock. KT closes his eyes being hurt and then helps Preeti to tie the uniform. Nurse comes there with stretcher while KT helps Preeti to lay onto it. He carefully places her on the stretcher while she pats his cheeks in order to comfort him.

On the other side Furti gets labour pain while Tibrewals takes her to the hospital. Priyanka calls KT and informs her about it while KT ask her to keep reporting him about the situation.

Juhi and her husband comes to meet Preeti while she consoles them too. KT informs them about Furti’s delivery while Preeti gets elated. She gets happy tears and ask KT to go to see Furti. KT along with Kushala and Juhi gets shocked hearing her demand while KT denies to leave her. Preeti holds his hands and requests him to go to Furti and check on their baby. She ask him to bring their baby so that she can see it but KT stays adamant on his decision of staying with Preeti during her operation. Preeti gives her swear to him while he moves from there reluctantly.

Preeti gets inside the operation theater and stares the room with teary eyes. KT moves out of the hospital without having any other choice while Kushala follows him. He ask her to be with Preeti and take care of her. He says that Preeti must be worrying about him and ask Kushala to be with her as Kushala’s presence will give him relief. Kushala nods understanding him and promises to be with Preeti. She assures him that Preeti will get all fine while he hugs her being emotional. KT bids bye to Kushala and goes away and imagines Preeti along with him.

Furti screams in pain while Priyanka and Sneha tries to comfort her. Doctor states that they have to do test as their is some complications while Tibrewals gets worried. At that time KT comes there and gets shocked seeing the scenario.

Preeti prays for the baby’s health while doctor comes to start her operation. Doctor was about to anesthetize her but Preeti stops them stating that she first wants to see her baby. Doctor nods understanding her state and agrees to delay the operation.

Preeti prays to god for Furti and baby’s safety. She requests god to bring her baby in the world without any hurdle and also prays for KT stating that the situation isn’t easy for him to handle and ask god to give him strength.

Precap:- KT gets emotional seeing his baby while Tibrewals gets elated seeing him holding his baby. KT talks to baby and states that it’s exactly like Preeti. He says that soon his baby will meet Preeti. While on the other side Preeti’s health deteriorates. Doctor panicks seeing her pulse low and tries their best to save her.