Shaadi Mubarak 23rd March 2021 Written Update: Preeti looses her memory after the operation

Shaadi Mubarak Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On
Shaadi Mubarak Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Shaadi Mubarak 23rd March 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Furti wincing in pain while KT tries to comfort her. Doctor takes her inside the operation theatre while she keeps chanting Preeti’s name. On the other side Preeti prays for Furti and the baby.

Doctors start with Furti’s delivery while everyone waits outside being tensed. Doctor comes out while KT ask about the baby, To which she says that they have to do c-section as there is some complications. Everyone gets more worried while Preeti feels the pain of baby and her heart rate increases. She panicks while doctors tries to calm her. She ask them to get the news about her baby as she can feel it’s in pain while doctor tries to relax her. She closes her eyes and starts praying again.

KT gets worried hearing about Operation and calls Kushala to check on Preeti while she informs that the operation is still going on. Later on KT imagines Preeti with him who comforts him and sings lullaby in order to relax him.

Furti delivers the baby while Preeti smiles feeling the baby’s presence. Doctor brings the baby out and hand it over to KT. Everyone gets elated while KT holds it carefully. He adores the baby and gets excited learning about his baby girl. He ask doctor if he can take the baby with him as he have promised his wife to let her see the baby, To which doctor denies stating that baby is weak and needs to be in observation for a while. KT says that she is Preeti’s baby and will surely fight for her life like her mother.

On the other side Preeti’s operation gets started. Kushala calls KT while he ask about Preeti, To which Kushala says that the operation haven’t ended. She questions about Furti and the baby, To which KT tells her about his baby girl. She gets excited and informs about it to Juhi and Sumedh happily while Juhi keeps worrying about Preeti and prays for her well-being. Kushala looks at her with teary eyes.

Doctors performs Preeti’s operation but her health keeps deteriorating. Doctors panicks seeing her condition and tries their best to save her. KT wraps the locket around Preeti’s photo and prays for her life “Mantras plays in background” He imagines Preeti in front of him who comforts him and ask him to stay strong. At that time Kushala calls him and lies that Preeti is fine and she have won her fight against the cancer. He gets elated and wipes his tears. He informs about the news to his family while they all gets happy.

Kushala breaksdown after hiding the truth from KT and thinks about Preeti’s condition. Juhi comes there and ask her about Preeti, Kushala cries hugging her while Juhi assures her that everything will be fine and says that Preeti will surely get well.

Preeti opens her eyes as doctors brings her out of operation theatre. Kushala and Juhi gets happy seeing her and tries to talk to her but she keeps smiling and stares them. They gets confused with her behaviour while doctor says that she is in medicine effect. They takes Preeti away while she keeps staring her surrounding.

KT video calls Kushala as they sits inside Preeti’s cabin. He ask Kushala to be strong and says that Preeti is a warrior. Doctor comes there and ask Kushala about KT. They questions why Preeti isn’t recognising them? To which doctor ask them to come inside her cabin and also ask them to take KT in call.

KT talks to his baby and says that he will soon unite her with Preeti. He boost her baby with enthusiasm and keeps staring her through the glass.

Doctor informs them about the complications they have faced during Preeti’s operation. She says that Preeti have lost all her memories as her brain cells died. She states that Preeti is like a new born now and ask them not to pressurise her about her memories as it can hamper her life. KT gets shocked and says that Preeti can easily recognise him, He denies to believe the doctor while she warns him. Kushala and Juhi looks at Preeti being emotional while KT gets shattered and goes towards his baby. He says that he will soon take her to meet Preeti and comforts her.

Precap:- KT comes with her baby to see Preeti but gets shocked seeing the hospital burning in fire. He ask Juhi about Preeti while she looks clueless. KT tries to get inside in order to save Preeti but the guards stops him. On the other side Preeti looks at everything and walks around with difficulty. KT gets worried and cries for her.