Shaadi Mubarak 24th March 2021 Written Update: KT gets horrified seeing the hospital burning in fire


Shaadi Mubarak 24th March 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with KT emotionally pouring his heart out in front of his baby. He states that soon they will go to see Preeti and if she denies to recognise them then they will create a new memory with her. Later on doctor gives the baby to KT stating that she is out of danger.

On the other side Juhi breaksdown seeing Preeti. Doctors doesn’t allow them to meet Preeti as they examines her condition. Kushala tries to console her and ask her to go but she denies stating that she won’t leave her mother. Nurse says that only one person can stay with the patient while Kushala somehow convinces Juhi to go.

Nurse removes the drip from Preeti’s hand while she feels pain. Nurse informs her about the feeling and tells that it is pain which she is experiencing. Preeti hears her carefully and then scratches her hand. She removes the ring which was gifted by KT and closes her eyes. A patient gets inside her cabin and steals the ring away.

The hospital catches fire while everyone rushes away in panic. Juhi gets shocked seeing it from outside of the hospital and shouts Preeti’s name. She tries to get inside but guards stops her. Kushala along with other people runs for their life.

Preeti wakes up hearing the alarm and gets confused. She roams around without understanding what to do! She sees a person on the floor and tries to wake him up. On the other side KT comes there with the baby but gets horrified seeing the hospital burning in fire. He spots Juhi and ask her about Preeti while she cries. He enquires about Kushala and gets the negative response. He makes Juhi hold the baby and goes towards the guards. He sees Kushala and brings her out. Kushala apologises for leaving Preeti inside and cries while KT consoles her and goes inside the hospital to rescue Preeti.

Preeti sees a pregnant lady struggling and helps her. The lady thanks Preeti wincing in pain and ask her to go as it can hamper her life but Preeti stays with her. KT searches for Preeti and in his way helps an old lady.

A man tries to get inside the hospital in search of his wife but police restricts him. He panicks thinking about his wife while Preeti comes out with the lady. KT also comes out and screams Preeti’s name. Kushala and Juhi goes towards him and gets worried for Preeti.

The lady with Preeti sees her husband Vishal as he shouts her name and goes towards her. Her name is revealed to be Shikha. She says how Preeti helped her while he thanks her. At that time Preeti faints while Shikha advice him to take Preeti along with them to help her. He carries an unconcious Preeti and puts her into their car while KT keeps searching for her being extremely tensed. They goes away while Juhi ask KT about Preeti. He again tries to get inside the hospital to look for Preeti but police doesn’t allow him to. They informs that some people have died and their bodies are only inside while others are out. KT gets shattered and shouts at Kushala for leaving Preeti.

Doctor checks Preeti and informs Vishal and Shikha about her being weak due to her cancer surgery. She advice them to let her rest and goes away. Shikha looks at Preeti and sits beside her. KT holds his head and cries “Chandariya song plays” He breaksdown remembering Preeti.

Precap:- KT ask to publish Preeti’s photo in the newspapers and sits on the bench being shattered. Preeti comes there and sees his phone on the floor. She picks it up and puts it on his bench and goes away towards Shikha and Vishal. KT feels her presence and turns but couldn’t able to see her as she gets inside Vishal’s car.