Shaadi Mubarak 25th March 2021 Written Update: Preeti gets attached with Shikha


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Shaadi Mubarak 25th March Episode starts with KT getting restless and shouts Preeti’s name. He breaksdown and remembers a flashback where Preeti was trying to hide from him but he found her. At that time she states that one day she will hide in a place where he can never be able to find her while KT says that there isn’t any place where he can’t find her. KT comes back to the reality and says that he is loosing his hope but still stays strong in order to get Preeti back.

Kushala sees his condition and cries. She holds his face and ask him to have some food while he shouts at her saying that if she will bring Preeti in front of him then only he will have food. He worries about Preeti’s state while Kushala feels guilty.

On the other side Shikha shares her worry about Preeti’s family with Vishal. He assures her and embraces her. Preeti opens her eyes while Shikha beings food for her. She emquires Preeti about her family but Preeti looks lost. She sees Shikha’s baby bumb while the baby kicks Shikha making her smile. Shikha says to Vishal that they have to find about Preeti’s family as they must be tensed about her while Preeti denies to go to hospital without Shikha. Shikha hugs Vishal convincing him to take her along while Preeti adores their bond.

Police tell about the dead bodies found inside the hospital while Juhi breaksdown. KT scolds her and ask her to be strong. He states that Preeti is a fighter and nothing can happen to her. Police shows the belongings of the dead bodies and ask KT to have a look. KT goes through the stuffs unwilling and says that nothing belongs to Preeti. At that time Juhi sees Preeti’s card and cries. KT goes out staying adamant on his statement.

He sits on the bench being shattered and tries to hold his emotions. Preeti comes there and sees him. She goes in the opposite side while he keeps staring in the blank space. Preeti looks at him again and then moves inside.

Juhi comes to KT and shows the ring to him. She states that it was found on one of the ladies body and cries while KT keeps looking at the ring.

Vishal and Shikha tries to get information about Preeti while the nurse says that all the records are burnt. People shouts at the staffs for being careless while they tries to explain their reason. Shikha remembers the cabin number from where she have seen Preeti coming out and ask the nurse about it.

Nurse informed them about some other lady and tells about how her family left her in the hospital after finding about her cancer. Shikha pity at Preeti’s state and ask Vishal to keep her along with them. Preeti smiles at Shikha while Shikha returns a warm smile to her.

KT denies to accept Preeti to be dead and shouts at doctor. Doctor tries to make him understand while he says that his Preeti can’t leave him. He stays adamant on his words stating that Preeti is alive while Juhi cries. He goes out and calls someone asking to publish Preeti’s pictures in all the newspapers of Delhi.

Preeti comes out of the hospital along with Vishal and Shikha while KT sits on the bench being tensed “Banjar Hai plays”. Dust gets into Preeti’s eyes while she tries to remove it. Shikha helps her with her handkerchief while it flies to KT covering his face and his mobile falls down. He removes the handkerchief and looks around.

Preeti sees the phone and picks it up. She goes towards him but then sees Shikha wincing in pain. She leaves the phone on bench and rushes towards Shikha. KT feels her presence and turns but missed to see her. Vishal along with Preeti and Shikha sits inside the car and goes away.

Precap:- Shikha gets heavily injured and seek promise from Preeti to keep her baby safe and love her like a mother while Preeti nods assuring her. On the other side KT takes Preeti’s potrait and states that she will surely come back as she never forget her promises. He stops others who are going to perform her last rituals and states that Preeti is alive. Vishal snatches his baby from Preeti prohibiting her to touch the baby while she cries and says that she have promsied Shikha to take care of the baby in her absence.

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