Shaadi Mubarak 27th March 2021 Written Update: KT denies to perform Preeti’s funeral


Shaadi Mubarak 27th March 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Kushala telling KT about conducting Preeti’s funeral while he denies stating that Preeti is alive. She gets emotional and tries to convince him reminding that it’s already been 13 days since they don’t have any news about Preeti. KT stays adamant on his statement and ask Kushala to have faith. He ask her to behave normally and decides to conduct baby’s nameing ceremony. Kushala nods agreeing to him.

Tibrewal house gets decorated for the nameing ceremony of Preeti and KT’s baby. KT takes his daughter while everyone adores them. He brings a stool and places Preeti’s potrait saying that he alone can’t do the rituals as both parents should name their baby. Kushala tries to object when he ask priest to start the rituals.

Vishal and Shikha also sits for the nameing ceremony of their daughter. The baby starts crying while Vishal and Shikha tries to calm her. Shikha sees Preeti/Mohi and ask her to take the baby. Preeti smiles and soothes the baby making her stop crying. Shikha smiles seeing their bond and ask Vishal to place one more stool beside them. Vishal objects it while Shikha convinces him showing him that their daughter is more attched to Preeti/Mohi. Preeti sits with them holding the baby.

Priest gives alphabet “K” for KT’s daughter while everyone suggest some or the other name. KT named his daughter as “Keerti”.

On the other side priest gives “P” alphabet to Vishal and Shikha. Vishal suggested some names while Shikha looks at Preeti and says that name should be somewhat similar to love. She named her daughter “Preeti” while Preeti/Mohi gets excited hearing the name.

KT and his family rejoice the nameing of his daughter. He sings “Meri Khushiyan song” while everyone showers their love on the baby. KT misses Preeti and gets inside his room. He touches her photograph and breaksdown while Kushala feels his pain and gets teary eyes.

Meanwhile Vishal and Shikha also celebrates the nameing of their daughter and dances along with Preeti/Mohi. At that time Vishal’s mother calls him and ask him to go to the temple. He tries to deny stating about Shikha’s unstable health but she strictly ask him to go.

Later on Shikha, Vishal along with their baby Preeti and Preeti/Mohi goes to the temple. Shikha feels dizzy while Vishal holds her. He ask Preeti/Mohi to bring the aarti plate from the car while the baby cries seeing her going away. Shikha ask Preeti/Mohi to take the baby and says that she will get the plate but Preeti/Mohi denies and says that she will get it as Shikha is not well.

Shikha shakes her head and gives baby to Preeti. She adores seeing the bond between Preeti and the baby. She goes to get the plate but starts feeling dizzy. Suddenly a truck hits Shikha making her fall while Preeti/Mohi shouts her name and runs towards her with the baby.

Tibrewals performa Preeti’s funeral while KT comes there and gets shocked seeing the scenario. He gets angry and removes the garland from Preeti’s potrait. He shouts at them being furious for considering Preeti dead and says that she is alive and will soon come back to them. He breaksdown holding Preeti photo. He says that Preeti will surely come back as she have promised him and she never breaks her promises.

Preeti/Mohi goes towards Shikha and cries seeing her state. She tries to call for Vishal while Shikha ask Preeti/Mohi to promise her to take care of the baby. Preeti nods and says that she will always love and prioritise the baby. Shikha dies on the spot while Vishal gets shocked seeing it. He breaksdown and glares Preeti/Mohi.

He blames her for Shikha’s death and snatches his baby from her hand. He restricts her from coming near his daughter while Preeti states that she have promised Shikha to take care of the baby. She takes the baby from his hand while the baby holds Preeti’s fingers. She hugs the baby determining herself to always be with her while Vishal looks on.

Precap:- After 5 years. Preeti is seen taking care of Shikha and Vishal’s daughter little Preeti while KT is living with his daughter Keerti. KT works as an RJ while Preeti/Mohi smiles hearing his voice in the radio. KT stays adamant on his statement and says that Preeti will surely come back to them while Kushala looks on.

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