Shaadi Mubarak 29th March 2021 Written Update: Shikha’s mother taunts Preeti/Mohi


Shaadi Mubarak 29th March 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with 5 years of leap in the show. Preeti/Mohi wakes up and smiles seeing Vishal and Shikha’s daughter little Preeti sleeping beside her. She gets up and starts her day with turning on the radio. On the other side KT starts his show as a Radio Jockey and greets the audiences. He plays the song for people who are apart from eachother and remembers Preeti. He misses her and hopes that she would be hearing his dedicated song.

Preeti/Mohi smiles hearing KT’s voice on the radio and prepares her food. She moves towards a room and hesitate to get inside but somehow goes in and puts the tea on the table and hurridly comes out. Little Preeti holds her dress while Preeti/Mohi smiles and picks her up. Little Preeti ask if Preeti/Mohi doesn’t get board of hearing same radio channel everyday? To which Preeti/Mohi laughs and makes her understand. They both shares some happy moments.

KT moves towards his daughter Kirti’s room while a servant rushes from there after bearing her anger. KT gets inside her room and tries to calm her while she says that she is angry with him. He tries to console her and waits for her forgiveness while she hugs him tightly. They both shares some cute moments.

Preeti/Mohi makes little Preeti prays in front of god and Shikha’s potrait for her admission. She states that she will keep little Preeti in the same school where Shikha used to teach so that she can get her mother’s presence.

At that time Shikha’s mother sits on the dinning table and taunts Preeti/Mohi. She states that it would have been better if Preeti/Mohi have died instead of Shikha. She complains that Preeti/Mohi doesn’t manage everything well and blames her for Shikha’s death while Preeti sits beside her and tells that she have already done all her work. She says that she is going for a job interview which Shikha’s mother again taunts her. Little Preeti gets angry hearing it and supports Preeti/Mohi.

Shikha’s mother glares her granddaughter and bluntly states that her mother is dead. She again accuses Preeti/Mohi for spoiling her granddaughter and taunts her for having no identity of herself. She goes from there while Preeti cups Little Preeti’s face and ask her to never reply back to elders. She hugs little Preeti and consoles her.

Kushala gives sweets to Kirti but she refuses to take it. Kushala ask KT to look after Kirti’s behaviour while he gets angry and says what all he needs to do to make Kushala happy? He reminds her that he have already agreed to remove Preeti’s potrait from all over the house and also have agreed not to show her photo to Kirti. He gets angry while Kushala says that she have done it for Kirti’s betterment only as it’s wrong to give her false hopes about her mother. KT says that Preeti is alive and will come back to them one day.

KT goes towards Kirti while she panicks as she gets late. He ask her to cool down and says that she doesn’t need to wordy as she will get special treatment for being a celebrity kid. She gets happy and ask him to help her best friend to get admission in her school while KT agrees to do it making Kirti happy.

Preeti/Mohi sees the time and decides to go for little Preeti’s admission without Vishal as they gets late. Little Preeti ask about her father while Preeti/Mohi says that she will ask him to join them in the school itself.

On the other side Vishal calls to Shikha’s mother and ask her to tell little Preeti to wait for him as he will get little late due to his work. Shikha’s mother told him that Preeti/Mohi have already taken his daughter along with her. Vishal gets angry and looks on.

Preeti/Mohi waits for Vishal in the school and gets worried for the admission as there wasn’t enough time. She goes inside the principal’s cabin with little Preeti and explains them about Vishal being busy. Principal ask about little Preeti’s mother while Preeti/Mohi tells them that she is no more and states that she herself takes care of little Preeti. Principal nods understanding her point and agrees for the admission.

Kirti reminds KT about her bestfriend’s admission while he nods getting inside the school along with her. He bends down to tie her shoes while Preeti happily comes towards them along with little Preeti. She passes by KT while her stole covers his face. He immediately turns around feeling her presence but misses to see her face.

Precap:- Preeti ask Kirti to clean her mess while Kirti misbehaves with her. But Preeti somehow makes her clean the it. Kirti cries and complains about Preeti to KT while he consoles her saying that he will surely rustigate that lady from school. Later on he was about to go in his car when he have an hit and miss moment with Preeti.

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