Shaadi Mubarak 31st March 2021 Written Update: Kirti complains about Preeti to KT


Shaadi Mubarak 31st March 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Preeti giving tiffin box to Kirti while she feels disgusted seeing the noodles and throws it on the floor. Preeti gets shocked by her act and ask her not to throw the food but Kirti misbehaves with Preeti and warns her to stay in her limit. Preeti tagged Kirti as mannerless and says that her parents are spoiling her. Kirti gets angry and states that her father is the best while Preeti snatches Kirti’s keychain. She ask Kirti to clean the floor in order to get the keychain back but Kirti denies. Preeti acts to throw the keychain while Kirti stops her and starts cleaning the floor. Students gathers around and laughs at Kirti.

Kirti rushes to KT and complains him about Preeti. He gets furious and tries to calm Kirti. He wipes her tears and states that he will rustigate the lady who made Kirti clean the floor while Priyanka witnesses the scenario.

Preeti reveals about little Preeti’s admission making her elated. She thanks Preeti and hugs her tightly. She wishes to have a cake to celebrate the news while Preeti gives her prasad to eat. Little Preeti appreciates Preeti’s effort and again thanks her stating that it couldn’t be possible without her while Vishal comes there and glares Preeti. Little Preeti hides behind Preeti getting scared of her father while he taunts Preeti for manipulating his daughter against him. He goes while Preeti makes little Preeti understand about how hard his father is working for them. On the other side Vishal calls his friend asking him for jobs, He desperately seraches for as many jobs as he can.

KT comes along with Kirti to her school while she ask him to rustigate Preeti. He nods assuring her. Kirti’s friends mocks her and says that Preeti have damaged all her image in the school. At that time Preeti comes with little Preeti and Kirti sees them. She smirks evily planning to take her revenge. She pours the slime on floor and hides with her friends. Little Preeti comes there and was about to step on the slime when she notices it and stops. Kirti comes forward and pushes little Preeti making her tiffin slip from her hand. Little Preeti’s food falls on the floor while Kirti ask her to clean it. She talks bad about her mother while little Preeti replies her back. Kirti slips due to the slime while her friends laughs at her.

Preeti comes there and gets worried for Kirti. Kirti blames little Preeti for her state while little Preeti denies. Preeti makes little Preeti understand that she should help the person who is in need. Little Preeti goes from there while Kirti’s skirt gets torned.

KT complains about Preeti/Mohi to the principal while she ask the watchman to call Mohi. He goes towards Mohi and tells her about the principal while she ask him to inform Kirti’s mother about her skirt. Watchman tells her that she don’t have a mother while Preeti/Mohi feels sympathy towards Kirti. She takes her inside the washroom and stiches her skirt while Kirti keeps crying. Preeti/Mohi tries to console her with soothing words and gives her the skirt while Kirti denies to take it and ask the other helper to being her skirt.

Principal gets angry by not finding Mohi and again ask the watchman to bring her. KT gets furious and strictly ask principal to rustigate the lady. He goes from there while Preeti/Mohi enters inside the principal’s cabin.

Preeti fumes with anger as she reaches her home with little Preeti. Little Preeti tries to calm Preeti but she keeps cursing Kirti’s father for making her rustigate. Shikha’s mother gets to know about this and taunts Preeti for being useless. At that time Vishal comes there and says that if Preeti/Mohi doesn’t find out any solution to pay Preeti’s fees then he will make her leave the school and will do as per his will. Preeti gets worried and calls someone, She ask for Kirti’s father’s number.

Tibrewals celebrates holi while Priyanka feeds sweets to Sneha. Vishal works there while Kushala ask him to move stuffs from the store room. Vishal misses to see Preeti’s photo while KT sees him and recognises him. He sees the staffs removing the box filled with Preeti’s photographs and ask Vishal to stop. Kushala ask him to continue his work as she is paying him while KT again ask him to leave the box. Vishal says that he will remove it and both of them falls into an argument. KT shouts at him asking to leave while he shouts back going from there.

Kushala tries to make KT understand while he gets furious and ask why is she trying to remove Preeti from his life? She states that the truth is Preeti is dead while he says that she is alive and will surely come back. He breaksdown being emotional.

Precap:- KT celebrates holi with Kirti while Preeti comes there. KT feels her presence and searches for her. He sees her and gets teary eyes while someone throws water on Preeti’s face removing the colour. Everyone gets emotional seeing her while she furiously goes from there pushing KT.

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