Shaadi Mubarak Spoiler: KT questions Preeti about her Delhi tickets


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Shaadi Mubarak is gearing up for some major twist and turns in order to keep the audiences hooked to their television screens. In the earlier episode KT and Preeti along with their family celebrated the baby shower on a grand note. KT performs with Preeti while Foorti enjoys watching them. Suddenly Preeti starts feeling dizzy while Kushala supports her. Later on Kushala takes her inside the room and calls the doctor while KT comes there being worried for Preeti.

Neel ask KT to attend the guests but he gets angry at Neel stating that nothing is important for him more then Preeti. He shows his concern and attachment towards Preeti while Kushala lies to him stating that Preeti is feeling unwell as she haven’t eaten anything. He goes to bring food for her when Kushala requests Preeti to hide about her illness from KT. Juhi hears it and shouts at Kushala for being selfish. She says that KT will be the biggest support for Preeti and reminds them about the danger of Preeti’s treatment. She ask Preeti to tell the truth to KT while Kushala keeps requesting her not to.

At that time KT comes there with a food tray while Kushala sends him away stating that she will take care of Preeti. Foorti comes there and ask KT to come along with her. She shows her excitement towards the gifts while he says that she can take whatever she wants. She gets happy and they both opens the gifts together. Foorti notices Juhi and Preeti’s Delhi tickets and gets shocked. On the other side Juhi and Kushala keeps opposing each other while Preeti looks lost.

KT comes there furiously and questions Preeti about her tickets. She lies stating that she is going to visit temples to pray for Foorti and their baby. He goes away being angry with her for leaving him alone while Juhi also goes from their getting hurt by Preeti’s lie. Kushala apologizes to Preeti while Preeti assures her. Later on Preeti goes to pacify KT and tries to dance in front of him. She acts to forget the steps while he shakes his head seeing her acting. He dances along with her and both enjoys their moment. She ask forgiveness from him while he smiles embracing her and gives strength to her.

Now in the upcoming episode Preeti will get worried thinking about her surgery while the doctor inform KT that the hospital won’t be responsible if anything happens to Preeti. KT hugs Preeti tightly as she breaksdown and gives her strength to fight against the cancer.

When KT will get to know about Preeti’s cancer? How KT will react? Will Preeti be able to see her baby’s face? Will Preeti be able to win against cancer?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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