Shaadi Mubarak Upcoming Story 13th October 2020 : Priyanka defended Tarun, Juhi suspects her .

Shaadi Mubarak Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Shaadi Mubarak Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Shaadi Mubarak Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Episode starts with Mrs.Goplani saying to Preeti that her company can do all the arrangements for her daughter’s marriage but Preeti should not come in front during the whole marriage function , only KT can be there . Mrs.Goplani ask if Preeti agrees to it and says she won’t get such big offer anywhere . She says Preeti must have a habit of hearing all these taunts from childhood , she further says she is doing this deal with KT and company and not with preeti’s face .

Preeti goes towards KT and he ask where was, Preeti seemed lost said she thought she have come a long way but the reality is she is still stuck in the past only, kT gets confused and says he didn’t get anything . Preeti keeps thinking about Mrs.Goplani’s words , Some fans of KT came and asked for selfie to which he said take picture in different angle as there is light and it will brighten the picture which will make it look beautiful. Preeti hears it and says KT is also like others who says black colour is not beautiful ,she questions herself but why she is getting sad by knowing it, as this is the truth and this is not new to her and if kT also thinks like this then she shouldn’t get affected.

Juhi follows kusum and insist her to drink Karela’s juice,kusum keeps denying but somehow agreed and said this is bitter just like your brother Tarun. They discuss how Tarun have mistreated Preeti , At that moment Priyanka comes and start taking Tarun’s side saying he was not like this but Rati changed him after their marriage , she says he is not bad from heart and there is no match between Rati and Tarun. Juhi says she knows Tarun well and he is like this from childhood only and then thought why Priyanka took Tarun’s side.

Preeti is sitting in her cabin and keeps recalling all the incidences which happened in past related to her colour , she remembers her mother-in-laws words as how she used to give her paste to apply on face to get clear skin as it will help her to clear all the problems with her husband . KT comes and praises himself about his looks , Preeti tries to control her tears as her past incidences flashes in front of her .

Juhi comes to priyanka’s room and says why she defended Tarun as she have always disliked him to which Priyanka says it’s her wish she can say whatever she wants and juhi is no one to decide what she will speak. She says she have already moved on from Tarun and she don’t have any contact with him and she doesn’t even knows what he is doing now a days , she starts clearifying herself when juhi interrupted and says why is she giving explanation she have just asked a simple question and she also knows Priyanka doesn’t like Tarun . Priyanka agrees to it and says juhi should move on in life forgetting the past to which juhi looks confused as why Priyanka is being so offended .

Kusum says to Aastha that there should not be any problem in Durga puja , Aastha says yes mummy as you are the Durga of this house , kusum warns her and taunts her. At that time Preeti arrives , kusum welcomes her and ask Preeti to put Mehendi in her hand , they both will twin . Aastha makes Preeti sit , Preeti remembered her past when her husband doesn’t used to liked Mehendi colour in her hand as he could see her flaws more in that colour.

Preeti stopped Aastha from putting Mehendi and goes to her room, she starts scattering all the colourful sarees from her cupboard , at that time kusum enters and ask what is she doing to which Preeti replied she won’t wear these sarees anymore as these colours are not for her , kusum looks confused and picks one saree and ask is this the same saree which Juhi bought for her with so much of love . Kusum says start destroying the saree from this one , she goes and brings a scissor and asks Preeti to cut it , Preeti snatched it and says she can’t cut it as juhi gifted it to her.

Kusum made her sit and asks the actual reason why she is stressed, to which Preeti tells about her colour complection issues , she told her all the taunts and traumas she have went through , She tells how this colour created a barrier between her and her husband too. She says she thought that at least in work people won’t see her colour but nothing have changed.

Precap:- kT and Preeti is seen drenched in sparkle when KT says that they have meeting with Mrs. Goplani at 5 in the evening . Preeti is seen pacing here and there trying to find a way to send only KT in the meeting and for so she starts eating loats of ice cream , when KT asked why she isn’t ready yet then Preeti writes in board that she couldn’t able to go as she is having sore throat . Preeti is seen saying something in front of some ladies when KT saw her and thinks why she had lied to him .