Shaadi Mubarak Upcoming Story 14th October 2020 : Tarun tries to convence Priyanka to get details about Preeti’s project

Shaadi Mubarak Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Shaadi Mubarak Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Shaadi Mubarak Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Episode starts with Preeti sharing her pain to Kusum , Kusum gets concerned and ask does anyone said her something? To which Preeti tells about Mrs. Goplani’s words , that how she insulted her on face. Preeti further on says today just because of my colour our company isn’t getting work , there is no fault of KT in this still he suffers because of her. Kusum gets angry and asks why Preeti didn’t injured Mrs. Goplani’s eyes and ears , who is she to talk like this. Kusum says she understands preeti’s turmoil , she knows Preeti have beared and carried all these taunts from years but Preeti should accept this as god has given her this colour and science even proves that colour of a person is due to melanin in the skin , Preeti says but this doesn’t change the truth that her colour always overshadows her talents.

KT descend the stairs talking on phone with Mrs.Goplani after which he called Preeti and said that they got meeting scheduled tommorow , he asked her that Mrs. Goplani said Preeti will tell him something . Preeti remembers Mrs. Goplani’s words , KT asked is there any problem to which Preeti says No there isn’t and they will do this marriage preparation as it’s there first project and it will surely happen , hearing her KT gets excited and says they will make this wedding a huge success and will show Chanda that what mistake she had made by challenging them .
Kusum asked Preeti why she said yes for this project to which Preeti says because she can’t say no ,moreover this is her work and she can’t let KT face loss just because of her , she says she will do as Mrs. Goplani has said as she won’t show her face to guests but will do her work sincerely. Kusum ask if kT knows about Mrs. Goplani’s condition , Preeti says no and she doesn’t even want to share with him as he will not understand and took promise from kusum that she won’t tell anything to KT.

KT and Preeti are in her cabin and KT is being super excited and told Preeti that Mrs. Goplani had approved their work and they got their first contact , which makes Preeti happy . In excitement KT was about to hug Preeti but she moves back (music plays) , kT ask for sorry and explains her how huging is very normal in film industry . He says about songs and assumes Preeti doesn’t know about it but Preeti becomes excited and says she loves shridevi’s songs , he asked her to tell about her favorite one to which she starts singing “Har kisi ko” , KT is seen enjoying it but suddenly Preeti stops and looks at him , KT saw her and continues the song and they both sings together. He extends his hand and ask to celebrate their first project with handshake , Preeti hesitate but then forwards her hand for a shake (Gunja sa hai koi iktara plays ). KT told Preeti about the function list and says that Mrs. Goplani wants them to start with a grand engagement and told that she asked for some wedding samples too.

Chanda is seen shouting at her workers when Rati came there , Chanda gets frustrated that how Shaadi Mubarak got such a huge project of Mrs. Goplani which shocks Rati too, Chanda asks her to get out . Rati comes out of the cabin and calls Tarun , informing him about Preeti getting the huge project , she says
that he he have to do something orelse Preeti will win the challenge and ask him to convence Priyanka to help them like the previous time. At that time Priyanka comes and Tarun ask her to calls her inside his cabin , he locks the door and asks priyanka to get him information about preeti’s project , to which she denies and says they can’t do this as it not correct , she tries to make him understand.

Preeti is seen making handmade wedding invitation card and KT praises her and by mistake a bowl full of glitter falls on both of them (music plays) , seeing Preeti’s expression KT starts laughing and says Preeti is looking sparkling cute ,Preeti also starts laughing and says he is also looking sparkling cute , they both enjoys throwing glitter on to one another .kT says that they have meeting with Mrs. Goplani at 5 in the evening hearing which Preeti thinks she can’t go to the meeting and starts finding ways to escape it , she pous the paint on her saree and says she can’t go to the meeting like this and KT should go alone , but KT says not to worry as they will go wearing matching cloths and he goes to arrange for there cloths , Preeti is seen tensed.

Precap:- Preeti is seen eating ice cream and when KT asks why she isn’t ready yet , she writes on board that she can’t able to go as she is having sore throat . Later Preeti is seeing talking to some ladies and KT sees her and thinks why she lied to him .