Shaadi Mubarak Upcoming Story 15th October 2020 : Preeti lies to KT to escape the meeting

Shaadi Mubarak Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Shaadi Mubarak Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Shaadi Mubarak Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Episode starts with kusum and her daughters preparing for Puja when Preeti calls her and asked to suggest some ideas to escape Mrs.Goplani’s meeting, kusum suggested her to pretend to have sore throat which she can use as an excuse to escape the meeting, Preeti becomes happy and thanks her. Preeti starts eating a box full of ice cream and prays to God for help, at that time KT comes with a saree for her meanwhile she hides the ice cream box from him. He stares her for sometime and gives her a tissue paper she laughs and says why he is giving her a tissue paper? He smiles and says to wipe her face as ice cream is smeared on her lips and further says he didn’t knew that a small child is still alive inside this nervous and shy girl.

Priyanka is trying to make Tarun understand and says she know he wants divorce from his wife hearing which he gets shocked, Priyanka looks at him and says why he is getting shock? As he himself said he wants divorce from Rati to which he agrees, further Priyanka continues and says now he don’t need to do any bad deed, from here she will take responsibility of everything and will soon make him free from Rati and will help him to mend his relation with Preeti too.

Preeti wipes her mouth and accept that she was eating ice cream and says she will surely share her ice cream with him from next time, to which KT asks promise from Preeti that from now on she have to share with him anything that she will eat and also have to share the thing which bothers her, to which she agrees. He says they both will share everything with each other whether it’s happiness or sadness, he makes a sticky note of it and paste it on the board so that she won’t forget it ever.

Preeti thinks she will do anything to save this project, when KT reminds her that meeting with mrs.Goplani will start in half an hour and asks her to get ready to which she shows her saree which had stain, KT gives her the pink saree he bought for her and says wear this and further added that they both will twin in pink. Preeti gets tensed and calls kusum for help, she says she have eaten full box of ice cream but isn’t getting sore throat to which kusum says she just asked her to act of having sore throat, Preeti says she will get caught as she can’t able to lie to which kusum makes fun of her and says tell KT truth about Mrs.Goplani and cuts the call, Preeti gets tensed.

Some ladies of “Respect your elders” committee barges inside Rati’s office and blames her for throwing her mother in law out of the house and curses her, at that time Rati comes out and sees them being shocked. Chanda also comes there and asks whats happening? To which the ladies says what kind of people she keeps in her company and starts speaking about the ill deeds of Rati, Chanda warns Rati and ask her to get out, Rati tries to make the ladies understand but they didn’t stopped shouting against her, Rati thought it’s all done by Preeti.

Preeti’s phone rings, at that time KT comes there and ask why she isn’t ready yet to which Preeti takes a marker and writes on board that she is having a sore throat and couldn’t able to attend the meeting hearing which KT gets tensed and says he will cancel today’s meeting, Preeti stopped him and writes he have to go alone to which he says he can’t as he will do some blunder but Preeti convences him indicating technology will help him, he smiles and agrees meanwhile ask her to go home and rest.

Rati is crying sitting on her sofa while Ladies were shouting her name outside her house, when Tarun comes there and ask Rati what is happening? She told him about the ladies and says they have insulted her in office and came here too. Tarun tries to calm her and offers her water, He asks how these ladies got here to which Rati says it’s all done by Preeti Meanwhile Tarun gets priyanka’s call who tells him she only complained about Rati to those association ladies, hearing which Rati gets angry.

Mrs.Goplani praises KT for the layouts and invition and KT says the credit goes to his partner, Mrs.Goplani gives him his advance cheque. On the other side Preeti keeps thinking about the meeting and was about to call KT when she saw Rati’s voice note, in which she had blamed Preeti for her humiliation, Preeti gets confused and thinks to talk to Rati.

Precap:- Preeti was speaking to some ladies when KT sees her and thinks why she had lied to him. KT shouts at Preeti that he can bear anything except for lie and ask her the reason for lying to him.