Shaadi Mubarak Upcoming Story 17th October 2020 : Rati’s plan against preeti gets successful

Shaadi Mubarak Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Shaadi Mubarak Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Shaadi Mubarak Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Episode starts with KT asking Preeti for the truth at that time Preeti smacks her fingers in front of him and it all turned up to be his dream, kT asks Preeti about her throat, she says it’s better as she had taken medicines. Preeti’s eyes falls on advance cheque, she gets happy and congratulated KT. She goes towards god’s idol and ask KT to join her, she prayed to God and Kt thinks about why Preeti lied to him?

Priyanka tells Tarun that she have a lawyer friend, who can help tarun to get divorce from Rati without any alimony to which Tarun says this can make Priyanka doubtful on them which he don’t want, he further says that to wait for some while to execute their plan and then they can throw Rati out of their life forever.

KT Preeti and Sheena keeps discussing about wedding ideas and Preeti said it would be great if we send wedding cards with a gift hamper to which all agrees. KT thinks Preeti is so loyal to her work and she can’t cheat him at that time he gets a call and says he needs to go home to which Preeti says that they are having meeting with mrs.Goplani in some time, kT replies that there is no problem in that as Preeti can go to the meeting alone to discuss things as yesterday he also went alone, Preeti gets tensed and remembered mrs. Goplani’s conditions.

Juhi is cleaning and kusum laughs seeing the way she was cleaning, at that time kusum gets call from Amit’s mother who told her that Amit is in America since 10days and he cannot able to come back soon and ask kusum to delay the Roka ceremony, hearing about Amit, Juhi thinks about the ring which Priyanka told her was gifted by Amit and doubts Priyanka.

Preeti is talking to mrs.Goplani in video call and explains about the hamper, Mrs. Goplani gets very impressed and appreciated her, at that time Preeti gets a call from Chanda who told her about Rati’s accident hearing which Preeti rushed to Rati’s office and ask Chanda about her. Chanda says nothing happened to Rati she continues that she called Preeti here to make partnership with her and provoke her against KT, Preeti shouted at her and says she won’t hear anything against KT and further praises him saying he is very hardworking, she also warns Chanda to never call her ever again and leaves from there.

KT is enjoying coffee with Neelima when she warns him not to trust Preeti but he supports Preeti saying she can’t break his trust, at that time he gets preeti’s call who told him that mrs.Goplani agreed to the idea of hampers and KT gets happy. Juhi found Priyanka’s ID card and gets to know that she is working in Tarun’s company she further found nail paint and remover too, Juhi thinks how many lies Priyanka had told her.

Neelima shows picture of Chanda and Preeti togther which shocks KT on the other side Rati showed the same picture to Tarun and says she had only given this idea to Chanda to which Tarun praises her. Rati says this picture will create trust issues in between Preeti-KT and his family too and further says she have sended this picture to KT’s mother and written that Preeti had only leaked information about Nathmal contract, she continues saying Preeti will gets shattered and will loose the challenge badly. Preeti is seen making gift hampers while on the other side Neelima keeps making KT understand that Preeti is not trust worthy.

Precap:- KT is sitting on his cabin chair in a bad mood when Preeti comes there, he shouts at her to get out. KT calls Neelima and ask her to make partnership cancellation papers as he wants to end partnership with Preeti as soon as possible.