Shaadi Mubarak Upcoming Story 24th October 2020 : Mrs. Goplani cancels shaadi Mubarak’s deal

Shaadi Mubarak Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Shaadi Mubarak Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Shaadi Mubarak Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Episode starts with Preeti and kusum enjoying their night out and Preeti says kusum always helps her in difficult times and motivates her to keep going on no matter what, she thanked kusum for being her BFF while kusum gets emotional hearing this and further asks Preeti to call her only kusum without adding “Ji”. Priyanka suggest Juhi that they can make complaint against Tarun in police station, on the other side Rati keeps scolding and screaming at Tarun for being so foolish and accepting his crimes in front of Priyanka. While Juhi says that Tarun should get punished but if they will go to court then Preeti and kusum will get to known about this matter and she doesn’t want any differences to occur in between kusum and Preeti’s bonding, Priyanka agrees and they decides to keep it to themselves.

In the morning Preeti comes to her cabin and starts checking things for mrs. Goplani daughter’s sangeet when she notices box full of kishan god’s idol and gets panicked as it should have to be in hampers as Mrs. Goplani had asked for it, at that time KT comes and greets her while Preeti scolds him for not putting god’s idol in hampers and says they should apologise to mrs. Goplani but KT strictly denies, Preeti tries to make him understand but at that time Mrs. Goplani barged towards them in anger, she starts screaming at KT, to which he asks that what happened?

Juhi gets ready and was about to leave for her office when Priyanka stops her and changed her earings as it wasn’t matching juhi’s outfit, they talked sweetly for a while and then juhi leaves, kusum saw this and gets happy with their bond, she further asks Priyanka that how suddenly she is bonding so well with Juhi, which irked Priyanka and she shouts at kusum and leaves from there, while kusum says to herself that there is something for sure behind this matter and she will surely find it out.

Mrs. Goplani says shaadi mubarak is unprofessional as they promised for kishna God’s idol but have given pearls inside the hampers, to which KT says he have done it as pearl suits mrs. Goplani’s taste cause it is white and expensive to which Mrs. Goplani answers back that god’s idol is priceless, KT asks her why she needs only Krishna’s idol to which she says cause she loves krishan god but KT laughs and says she is lying as from heart she doesn’t love krishana orelse she wouldn’t have had any problem with dark complexion people.

KT confronts mrs. Goplani for how she behaved with Preeti and tries to make her understand but mrs. Goplani gets furious and says she is not here to hear lectures and says she will cancel their deal to which KT says he himself doesn’t want to work for her as her thinkings is so low, mrs. Goplani insults Preeti and says to KT that for a women like Preeti he is rejecting such huge deal? To which KT says he can rejects thousand of such deals for Preeti and praises his Preeti partner.

Mrs. Goplani says that she will cancel the deal with shaadi mubarak and give it to Chanda Rathore’s DreamBell which made KT furious and he brings advance cheque and tear it in front of Mrs. Goplani making her shock, she says KT is fool and was about to leave when KT played the audio where mrs. Goplani was insulting Preeti was recorded, Mrs goplani gets scared and pleads KT to not post it in social media as it will ruin her image, at that time Preeti stops KT from posting the audio and assures Mrs. Goplani to go home without any tension as they won’t post it, to which KT didn’t agreed but Preeti made him understand that it’s an important day for mrs. Goplani and her daughter and they can’t ruin it, while mrs. Goplani asks sorry from Preeti and goes from there. Preeti thanked KT and he says they are partners, they looks at each other and smile(ik tara song plays)while kT gives her god’s idol.

Precap:- kusum inform audiences that now preeti’s character will be played by Rati Pandey and ask to shower her with same love. Preeti calls Sheena and ask her that she wants to take shaadi mubarak to higher level.