Shaadi Mubarak Upcoming Story : KT and Preeti lies to get the contract back


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Episode starts with KT visiting Kusum’s house early in the morning while Juhi opens the door and welcomes him. He says that he came to pick Preeti as he decided to take her along with him to the office. Juhi gets confused and replies that Preeti isn’t here! KT gets shocked but at that time Preeti calls him. She lies that she will come to the office directly from Kusum’s house while KT puts her call on speaker and made Juhi hear her. KT nods to her lies and ask her to greet Kusum along with Juhi from his side. Preeti acts to do so and reminds KT about their client’s photoshoot. KT cuts the call and ask Juhi not to tell about him being here to Preeti while she stays silent not able to understand the situation.

Preeti cries saying that she knows KT hates lie but she have to do it to be away from him. She says that his presence affects her and that is why she have to stay far from him till she goes away from his life.

Preeti prepares for the photoshoot while KT comes there and confronts her. She moves away while he shouts at her. She gets angry and ask what is he doing? To which he demands for the truth. He says that why is she lying to him? And continues that was it because of the kiss that she don’t want to be with him? She remembers their kiss incident and moves away saying that she couldn’t able to tolerate his behaviour.

He gets furious and turns her towards himself while everyone looks at them. KT reminds Preeti about how they started Shaadi Mubarak together and ask if he can still call her his Preeti Partner or not? She ask him to calm down while he confronts her about her decision of leaving their company. She gets stunned and ask how he got to know about it? He replies that he doesn’t love her and that is why she is taking revenge on him! He shouts that he have already told her to keep personal and professional lifes separate. Preeti gets angry hearing him and shuts him up by saying that why have he sneaked inside her phone secretly? To which he says that he was worried for her. She replies that she doesn’t want to talk to him right now while he starts breaking the decorations in order to free her from Shaadi Mubarak. She tries to control him but all goes in vein.

On the other side Priyanka gives her salary to Neelima in order to contribute in their crisis while Neel told them that Priyanka even applied for the loan. Neelima ask Sneha if she asked them to help? To which Sneha denies. Neelima taunts Neel that when she asked him to help he turned his back and married Priyanka and says that if she takes help from Priyanka then she will taunt them for life long. Neelima denies to take money from them while Neel says that from where they will arrange the amount? To which Neelima proudly replies that KT and Preeti have got the project and will get the money. She leaves from there while Sneha also goes with an angry face. Priyanka says that they will never accept her while Neel looks helpless.

Dev and Meera cancels the project after seeing KT and Preeti’s fight. They says that by seeing how KT destroys the arrangements they cant take risk for it in their son’s marriage. They goes from there stating that Shaadi Mubarak is not like it was used to be.

KT and Preeti gets shocked and worries about the money. They realised what blunder they have done and gets tensed. Preeti thinks about their family while KT gets disheartened. He gets an idea and says that if they want to save the project them they have to lie while Preeti looks on.

KT and Preeti goes out in front of Dev and Meera. KT laughs asking how they liked their drama? Dev and Meera gets confused and ask about it! To which KT says that they were acting to be angry with eachother and the fight was just the demo to show them that how it affects the people nearby. He says that their son will also get affected after knowing about their divorce while they looks at eachother. KT explains th the importance of marriage and relationship while Preeti says that their relation affects their son’s happiness too.

Dev and Meera gets convinced and laughs appreciating their acting skill and gives the contract back to them. KT and Preeti gets relieved and promises to eachother that they won’t ever fight again. Preeti gets teary eyes saying that this will be her last project in Shaadi Mubarak while KT gets near her (Mantras plays) He ask how can she leave their company? At that time she gets a call and leaves from their wiping her tears while KT determines himself from not letting her go.

Precap:- KT confess about his love for Preeti in the bus stand while Preeti hears him sitting inside one of the buses with teary eyes. Her bus passes away while KT keep searching for her.