Shaadi Mubarak Upcoming Story : KT gets inside the burning hospital in search of Preeti


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Star Plus popular daily soap Shaadi Mubarak is all set for high voltage drama. In the earlier episode KT gets emotional in front of his baby and pours his heart out regarding Preeti. He states that if Preeti denies to recognise them then they will make new memories with her. Doctor gives the baby to him stating that she is out of danger while KT gets elated. On the other side Juhi gets sad seeing Preeti’s condition while Kushala somehow convinces her to go as only one person is allowed to stay with the patient. Nurse removes the drip from Preeti’s hand while she makes faces. Nurse explains her that she is experiencing pain while Preeti looks at her hand and scratches it feelings the new sensation. She removes KT’s ring and sleeps while a patient steals it from her cabin.

Later on Juhi gets shocked seeing the hospital burning in fire, At that time KT comes there with the baby. He questions about Preeti and Kushala but Juhi looks clueless. He gives the baby to Juhi and tries to go inside when Kushala comes there and apologises for leaving Preeti inside. KT anyhow gets inside the hospital and searches for Preeti while she on the other side helps a pregnant lady Shikha. They both comes out while KT also comes out and screams Preeti’s name. Shikha’s husband Vishal spots them and thanks Preeti for helping his wife. Preeti gets faint while Vishal carries her inside their car to help her.

KT gets shattered as he couldn’t able to find Preeti and scolds Kushala for being careless. Doctor checks Preeti and told Vishal and Shikha about her cancer surgery. She states that Preeti is weak and needs rest while they nods. KT tries to get inside the hospital again but police stops him stating that everyone have been rescued and only the dead bodies are inside. KT breaksdown hearing it and remembers Preeti.

Now in the upcoming episode KT will ask to publish Preeti’s photo in every newspaper of Delhi. He sits on the bench being shattered while Preeti comes there and sees his phone fallen down. She picks it up and keeps it on his bench while he turns around feeling her presence but she runs away towards Shikha and Vishal. KT misses to see her as she gets inside Vishal’s car.

Will KT be able to find Preeti? What all problems will Preeti and KT face in their life? How Preeti’s life will get attach to Vishal and Shikha? How KT will handle himself after Preeti’s missing?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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