Shaadi Mubarak Upcoming Story : Preeti and KT tries to convence Aaryan for the Deal

Shaadi Mubarak Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Shaadi Mubarak Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

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Episode starts with kusum greeting and saying that from now Rati Pandey will play Preeti’s character and asks to shower loats of love and blessings to her.
Preeti remembers Tarun’s challenge and calls Sheena saying that she wants to take shaadi mubarak to the top when Kusum comes there and gives aarti to Preeti and asks her not to worry about Tarun’s challenge and taunts him, to which Preeti revealed that Tarun have learnt to behave like this from his father, she tells about how close Tarun and she was in his childhood and says that she will give one chance to bring him to correct path. Kusum says she will pray that preeti wins the challenge and ask her to go as she is getting late for the office.

Sheena comes to Preeti and KT excietedly and informed about minister client who is coming to meet them and wants marriage to get complete in 7 days, which made everyone happy and KT says this deal will give them loats of recognisation. Kusum comes there and distributed sweets to them informing that Priyanka is getting married next week and then they clicks pictures, Preeti told her about the minister’s poject to which kusum suggested for cultural marriage theme and KT got an idea hearing her and explained to everyone.

Priyanka comes to Tarun and Rati’s house and throws the ring on Tarun’s face and clears that she doesn’t love him, she insults Tarun while Rati was about to slap Priyanka when she twisted Rati’s hand and warns her, which scared Tarun and Rati.

Preeti and KT dressed up in traditional attire for the meeting with Minister but gets shocked to see him in modern style, the guy introduced himself as Aaryan Mantri and Preeti asked him about his parents to which he says he is there then what’s the need of parents as it’s his wedding, KT praises him for being a minister in succha young age to which Aaryan starts laughing and says his surname is Mantri but he is not a minister, he further says that he liked shaadi Mubarak’s advertisement but after meeting them in person he is disappointed and says that he don’t think shaadi mubarak can match his level of thinking.

Aaryan continues that he don’t want simple wedding instead he wants it in a fun and entertaining style and he even don’t have time as he wants to complete the wedding within 7 days, to which KT says they can do this and assures Aaryan for a trendy marriage but Aaryan apologize and says he don’t think they can do this and was about to go when KT stops him and tries to explain but Aaryan didn’t changed his decision while Preeti comes forward and says not to be judgemental and explains him very calmly saying that they can do his marriage however he wants it to be.

Precap:- Aaryan asks for item girl Tia and says to finalise deal with her, Tia says her rate goes with her dress and confronts Preeti saying their is no value of traditions in this world. Aaryan says to Preeti that her saree is not matching his party and says nobody likes to see a lady in saree in his happening party while Preeti stands gazing a short modern outfit.