Shaitani Rasmein 21st June 2024 Written Update: Kadam spends time with Swarnaprabha

Shaitani Rasmein 21st June 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Nikki tells herself that Kadam and Swarnaprabha are made for each other but they don’t know about it so she has to make them realise that. She thinks that Kadam won’t kidnap Swarnaprabha after learning the truth. She decides to tell about their reincarnation once they realises their love. One of the soldier sees Nikki and misunderstands her as Swarnaprabha. Nikki runs from there.

In the present, Saudamini regrets for trusting Nikki. She thinks that she is sure Nikki stole her magical glove. She goes to Nikki’s room and asks Nikki to wake up. Piyush comes there and tells Saudamini that Nikki is not well. She tells him that he is lying. She thinks that Gehlots should not know she don’t have her magical glove. She warns Gehlots to not come in her path. She orders Piyush to bring Nikki to her once Nikki wakes up and leaves from there. Piyush wonders why Saudamini did not punish them. He notices Saudamini’s magical glove is missing.

Saudamini tells herself that she is nothing without magical glove. Piyush tells Sumitra that Saudamini don’t have magical glove and they can take advantage of it. Sumitra tells Piyush that Saudamini has Malik’s support still. Piyush says that they won’t get rid of Saudamini but they can scare her.

Kadam tells his men that he met Swarnaprabha. His men asks Kadam that why he is smiling. He changes the topic by talking about his plan. Nikki overhears their conversation. She thinks that she will make a plan for Kadam and Swarnaprabha because Kadam’s plan will ruin everything. Later, Swarnaprabha goes to her tent to sleep. Nikki sees this. She steals Swarnaprabha’s dress and jewel. She goes near Kadam’s tent. Kadam sees her. She smiles at him and leaves from there. He thinks that Swarnaprabha want him to follow her. She hope her plan works. The soldier who saw Nikki in the morning sees her again and he tells about it to other soldiers. But they refuses to believe him.

Swarnaprabha enjoys in the garden. She gets surprised seeing Kadam there. Kadam tells her that he saw her coming there so he came to spend time with her. She tells him that that’s beautiful place. He tells her that she is the beautiful creation of universe. He asks her that why she did not try to rule the universe using her magic power. She tells him that they should be protector and they should not misuse their power. He praises her. Nikki sees them. She says that it’s such a beautiful moment. She thinks that it would have been good if Piyush was with her.

Gehlots warns Saudamini. Saudamini laughs. Gehlots gets shocked seeing Saudamini’s magical glove. Saudamini hurts Rachna using her magic. In the past, Nikki gets the message which came for Kadam.

Episode ends.

Precap – Piyush tells Vikram that they should seek Yashvant help. Soldier tells Nikki that he caught her. He says that he will make sure Nikki gets punished.

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