Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Upcoming Story and Spoilers: Harak disciplines Heer

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Today’s episode starts with Preeto who finds Heer dancing on her friend’s wedding and reminds her that she should concentrate more on her studies. Then Preeto wants to takes Heer to Harak Singh and she is also call Soham and Rohan there, meanwhile Heer asks her, what is your problem Preeto why you bother me so much. I just want to dance at my friend’s wedding, but you don’t give me permission for that too, and you also left two bodyguard brothers behind me, because of which boys  and girls do not want to befriend me.

Preeto says, it’s time for you to focus on your studies, and these friendships and all are myths they never give benifits only your study will help you to grow in your life. Later Soham and Rohan is also came and first they scolds her and then takes her towards Harak. Later Harak comes and warns her that if you will do any such thing again, then it will not be good for you. And I will punish you, and then he tells Heer to go from there. Later Harak scolds everyone and says, If Heer ran away from home the next time, everyone will be responsible for him and then I will not leave anyone. Later he tells Soham that only I trust you and believes that you will handle Heer.

On the other hand Heer cries alone in her room and recalls Gulabo’s memories. Heer says, Gulabo I miss you alot, do you never misses me,  Why did you leave me here alone, you are not here that’s why everybody is scolds me, you promised me that you will come on every festival but you never came here. After a while Shano came to Heer and ask her why are you crying. Heer says, I am upset from Harak. Shano says, Harak is just worried about you he don’t want to hurt you. It is all his acting in front of you so that he can scare you. Heer asks Shano, are you sure he only pretends in front of me. Shano says, of course I am hundred percent sure about it.

Meanwhile Harak and Preeto is thinking about Harman. Harak says, Heer just like Harman just as stubborn as he is. Preeto says, you right, but Heer’s case is different from Harman we need to more carefull about Heer. Harak agrees with her. Later Heer came and hugs her grandparents and ask for there forgiveness and both later forgive Heer. (Episode end)