Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 11th June 2021 Written Update: Shaurya and Anokhi to part ways.


Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 11th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anokhi saying Shaurya that she did mistake by keeping relationship with him. Shaurya asks did his family threaten her with anything.

Anokhi says that it’s her decision and has nothing to do with anyone. Shaurya pleads her to sit and talk but Anokhi refuses to do so and says that she they only have normal professor student relationship between them now. Babli asks what’s she doing when Anokhi asks her not to interfere. Ahir says that she’s not interfering but is trying to make her understand. Anokhi says finally they realized her selfish face.

Shaurya tries explaining her but Anokhi says that Mrs. Anokhi Sabherwal is just a hallucination of him and adds that she doesn’t value the relationship and she’s just Ms. Anokhi Bhalla. Shaurya agrees and Anokhi is about to move but she Shaurya stops her and asks her to say one last time. Anokhi pushes him and says that he is nothing to her and she’s just Ms. Anokhi Bhalla.

Shaurya says goodbye to Anokhi. While leaving his watch gets stuck with her but he removes his hand. The watch falls down and breaks. A balloon seller gives balloons to Shaurya. He buys them and breaks it. Shaurya gets in the car and says that she will face the same pain as him. Babli confronts Anokhi. She says that their parents forced her into the marriage with Vineet but he never treated her with love.. Babli says that it’s better if she got married with her ex fiancee as she don’t value love and would have been happy being a servant.

Anokhi says they both are different but Babli lashes out at her and says that she will regret it badly in her future. She asks Ahir if she said anything wrong for which Ahir says that absolutely not. He says that he always supported her from the day he met her but today she was completely wrong. He says that he don’t know much about Shaurya but has seen love for her in his eyes. He said that he folded his hands in front of him to find his Anokhi.

Babli says that she not only acted like a fool but behaved in a very bad way. Anokhi runs and locks in a room. Babli and Ahir asks her to come out but she cries silently. Babli says that she always that Shaurya is not suitable for her sister but the reality is she don’t deserve Shaurya and his love. Ahir hot frustrated with Anokhi too while Anokhi breaks down hiding her pain.

Tej says Devi to add sweet in tea. Shaurya breaks the vase and says that he was wearing coolers and so broke the vase. Devi says its OK that they can buy another if one goes. Shaurya says his relationship with Anokhi ended and Devi is about to say something but Shaurya stops her. He turns towards Alok and asks him to say something. He keeps quite while Shaurya leaves.

Shagun, Tej and Devi are very happy. Shagun dances happily and thanks Anokhi for her stupidity. She decides to make sure that they both never meet up. Alok also gives sweets to Devi and Tej. Devi talks about Shagun and Shaurya’s marriage. Tej warns them to take each step carefully as only his heart is broken and not mind. Shaurya dips himself in ice cold water tub. Anokhi recalls her moments with Shaurya and looks at her sindoor.

Shaurya is furious at Anokhi while Anokhi dreams about Shaurya. They both vent out their frustration by different means.

Precap : Anokhi calls Shaurya Ps when Shaurya asks her to call him Professor. He gives sweets to her and says about his marriage with Shagun. Anokhi stands shocked.

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