Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 11th May 2021 Written Update: Aastha falls unconscious


Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 11th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anokhi slapping Vineet. Babli looks on shocked. Vineet pushes Anokhi but Babli pushes him aside. Vineet is about to charge again but Babli warns him to stay away from her sister. She says that she tolerated his abuses towards her but says that she won’t tolerate her sister’s insult. Vineet asks if she doesn’t have wish to live alive.

He threatens to her again but Anokhi picks up a stone to beat him. She warns him to stay away from her sister. Babli says that he does not deserve to be called a human. Vineet says Anokhi that she has crossed the limits and warns Babli to kill her. Anokhi says he can’t do anything as the meek Babli is no more.

Vineet says that dye she will live a life of a widow. Anokhi says she will hire the best lawyer for her sister to get divorce. She’s about to leave when Vineet goes to hit her with a stone. Ahir comes there shocking him. He taunts him that he can trouble them only when he comes out of jail. He says girls don’t need them but they need women’s support. Anokhi asks him to arrest her.

Vineet gets call and he fears getting caught. He pleads Babli that she shouldn’t let husband and wife affairs come out in open. He says that he will not beat her and asks her to think about his and her parents. Babli stops Ahir and asks him to not arrest him. Anokhi asks her to not fall weak again. Babli says she’s not falling weak but being considerate for father. She says once she leaves back she will get divorce. Ahir releases him and asks Babli to shift to Anokhi’s room. Vineet runs away.

Vineet goes aside and decides to deal with her later. He calls another kidnapper regarding Shaurya. Ahir praises Anokhi and Babli and says he’s proud of them. Babli gives whole credit to Anokhi but Anokhi says they both needs to be freighted credited equally. They spend some quality time together.

Devi scolds Tej that it’s all his fault. She says he shouldn’t have involved police. Tej reasons that they only need money and will call them for sure. He says may be Shaurya escaped from them and that’s why they are not calling. Gayathri wonders whether they are taking out some past vengeance. Tej asks her to shut her mouth. Aastha falls unconscious. Ahir, Babli and Anokhi are enjoying together.

Precap : same.

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