Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 16th April 2021 Written Update: Shaurya introduces Shagun to the students.


Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 16th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shagun asking Shaurya that why he’s not asking anything about her. Shaurya says he doesn’t care Shagun says about her relationship shocking him. Shaurya says that he only came to hand over her responsibilities. Shagun forces herself on Shaurya apologizing for the past. Shaurya shuts her and shouts at her that he has already feelings for someone.

Shagun denies believes it as she says he’s not such type to move on so easily. Shaurya asks what’s wrong with her as she threw away Cambridge for him. He said asks her to go back and concentrate on her studies and move on in her life. Shaurya says that he overreacted in the past and now she’s overreacting. Shaurya says even after break up few people will still be friends and he wants the same. He says that it’s her choice completely to choose whatever she wants to but nothing more can happen between them. Shagun couldn’t come in terms with the reality and says she can’t live without him. She tries getting close with him when Shaurya stops her advances.

Anokhi immediately barges into the place and is shocked to see their position. Shagun handles the situation as if Shaurya was greeting her. Shaurya introduces Shagun to Anokhi and they both greet each other. Shagun leaves for her class when Shaurya her to call her Mr. Sabherwal. Anokhi enters the room and tries speaking with Shaurya about yesterday but changes the topic sensing his mood. She finds Shaurya tensed and thus leaves the place confused. Anokhi calls out for Shagun. Shagun stops and Anokhi hands her belongings to Shagun and thinks that she saw her somewhere before Shaurya sees them talking with each other and interrupts in between. He takes Shagun away for introduction.

Shagun introduces Shagun to every students. Reema senses that Shagun is Shaurya’s ex fiancee. Shagun greets the students and Shaurya felt uncomfortable when she touches him. Reema tries saying Anokhi about Shagun but Shaurya interrupts her. She leaves while Anokhi gets confused. Shagun says about herself and SIAC and her connection with it. Shaurya warns Shagun indirevtky. Kitty calls Bebo and gives the news indirectly about Shagun .

Gayathri hears their talks. Babli gets message that her husband and mother in law are coming back. She leaves informing Anokhi. Gayathri asks Kanchan about Shagun’s entry. They wonder if she still has feelings for Shaurya. Kanchan is sure that Shaurya likes Anokhi but Gayathri interrupts. Devi shouts Kanchan’s name. Babli is searching for a taxi tensed and Ahir comes there. He understands her situation and offers her drop her at home. Babli thanks him and gets into his car.

Anokhi is trying to fix a banner and climbs up a ladder. Shagun tries to get some help for Anokhi but Anokhi is about to fall already. Shaurya holds her. Shagun notices them together. Shaurya apologizes Anokhi for earlier incident. Anokhi is upset that they both couldn’t colour each other anyway. Shaurya invites Anokhi for a date and she agrees. He asks her to get ready as they won’t have any ACP between them like before. Anokhi smiles while Shagun fumes.

Precap : Shaurya waits for Shagun when Anokhi comes there dressed up. She gets upset seeing them together.

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