Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 18th June 2021 Written Update: Shaurya and Anokhi’s engagement.


Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 18th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shaurya is mesmerised seeing Anokhi. He says himself to control. Babli finds that Anokhi is here and everyone looks at her. Aastha says that Anokhi looks so pretty and teases Shaurya. They all greet her. Anokhi asks if she should do any work and Babli says yes. Shaan says it’s time for ritual. Shaurya says he’s excited for the ritual. He says they decided to do ritual in their own house. Everyone agrees. Shaurya misses Tej and Devi.

Shaan asks what happened and he says the reason. Shaan asks him not to worry as he did whatever he could. Devi is pacing to and fro when Shagun asks what she’s thinking. Devi says she’s thinking whether she should attend Shaurya’s wedding or not. Shagun says she is accepting that down standard Anokhi for Shaurya’s stubbornness. Devi says that she doesn’t care who’s the daughter in law anymore as her son matter her the most. She says jo matter what happens she will complete the rituals as her mother. She asks Shagun to accept her defeat.

Shaurya sits for Roka when Alok comes there and congratulate Shaurya. Everyone are Happy. Shaurya sees Anokhi and asks in his mind to say something. Aastha signals Babli and Babli takes Anokhi with her for some work. Aastha explains the plan to Kanchan. Babli makes Anokhi wear pallu. Aastha makes Anokhi wear Kankan and puts chunri on her head. She says that she did the same with Babli and Babli agrees. Ahir takes pictures while Aastha takes her arti. Shaurya too gets the ritual done by Anokhi’s parents. Aastha feeds her sweets.

Everyone leave after completing Anokhi’s ritual while she stands confused. Aastha says everything happened well. Aastha and Rama congratulate each other. Anokhi angrily marches towards Shaurya and finds Aastha taking arti of Shaurya. Ramesh says Rama that their to be son in law will take good care of Anokhi. Rama feels elated. Shaurya thanks Ahir for all his help. They all say that the ritual is over and every one can go home. Shaurya asks how can they as dance and songs are still left. They all starts dancing ro music. Shaurya pulls Anokhi too and she too dances with them.

After some time, she goes alone and falls down devastated. She starts crying recalling her moments with Shaurya. Anokhi looks at her reflection in water and recalls their marriage. Anokhi gets frustrated and says she wanted to see him happy but is hurt that he doesn’t care about her at all. She says she deserve it. Anokhi hears Ramesh and Rama’s voice and searches for them. Ramesh is searching for his phone when Anokhi spots them. They gets stunned. Shaurya feels bad for hurting Anokhi and wants to end it. Aastha says that it’s true that she’s hurt but the pain and fear in her will drain with her tears and asks him to wait.

Aastha goes to find her. Anokhi asks her parents what they are doing there. Before they could answer, Aastha says that it was her who invited them for her son’s engagement as they are her friends. She says she also wanted to show them Babli’s decoration skills. Saying si she takes them in. Anokhi thinks that now her parents are also here and she can’t fall weak. She decides to see through it till the end.

Precap : Shaurya writes his name on Shagun’s hand and Anokhi tries wiping it. She wonders why the name is not getting wiped off from her life.

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