Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 18th March 2021 Written Update: Anokhi prepares for the exam

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 18th March 2021 Written Update

The episode starts with Anokhi at police station trying to identify the suspects. She recalls the incident. Shaurya comes there and Ahir teases him. Shaurya taunts him for not calling him for identification. Ahir says Anokhi is victim and its victim’s right to identify the culprit first. He asks him to identify after Anokhi. Anokhi starts checking while Ahir asks Shaurya about his interest towards Anokhi. Shaurya gives it back.

On the other hand, Alok gets the news about identification. Devi learns about it and gets scared. Devi asks him to deal with it before everyone finds out about it. Gayathri hears them. Anokhi says that she couldn’t identify as their faces are covered. Shaurya asks her to think about any other identification like Mark. Anokhi recalls finding a tattoo on his hand.

Ahir asks the suspects to show their hand. One stretches his arm and Anokhi spots the tattoo and gets scared and hyper. Ahir tries calming her and asks her to sit while Shaurya fumes in jealousy. Ahir asks Anokhi to not worry about the rest and asks the Constable to take the suspect in. Shaurya asks about further investigation. He says that he needs to catch the remaining using him and assures that he’ll take care. He offers water to Anokhi.

Shaurya leaves unable to bear anymore. Ahir asks Anokhi if she’ll stand firm in her decision as many girl complaint at start but then takes back fearing the society. Anokhi assures that she’ll not. However, it may take time for her to come as she’s returning to Kapurthala.

Gayathri finds Alok tensed and asks about it. However he gets frustrated at her and asks her to leave. Gayathri gets doubtful. Anokhi comes home and Aastha asks why she’s late. Anokhi says about going to police station for identification. Aastha gives her coffee. Anokhi says that they need to leave soon anyway.

Aastha says Anokhi that if she’s in her position she would definitely won’t leave to Kapurthala. She says they can’t let Shaurya or any other Sabherwals to influence them. Anokhi recalls Shaurya’s works and Shaurya does the same. She says that she will leave for sure but not before giving her preliminary exams. She says that she will show Shaurya that he should never think any student low no matter if they are thrown out of the class or insulted. She wants to prove by becoming a topper in the exam and then will leave the college.

Shaurya wonders why’s is he so upset as its normal for students to enter or leave college. Anokhi studies late night and Aastha supports her. Shaurya thinks that Anokhi is stubborn but is a good student. Je thinks that he’s guilty because of it and nothing else. Shaurya thinks that she won’t make a stupidity by leaving SIAC after getting admission with so much struggle. Shaurya is lost in thoughts and Devi spots it. Anokhi is studying and praying to passage the exam with full marks before leaving SIAC.

Devi comes there and asks if he isn’t getting sleep. Shaurya lies that he was thinking about new college. Devi sees file on his hand and takes it. He asks if he’s tensed about something. He says that that he is, but once he leaves to New campus everything will be fine. Shaurya says he’s just nervous about new environment. Shaurya by mistake is about to blurt out Anokhi’s name and Devi realizes that Anokhi is the problem. Devi tries filling his ears against Anokhi but Shaurya shows respect for Anokhi shocking Devi. Later, Tej is discussing about new campus when Shaurya comes there. Tej asks him to visit the campus from today but Shaurya says he will go from next day as he has some work.

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