Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 19th June 2021 Written Update: Babli hesitates to reveal the truth.


Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 19th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts Rama upset that Anokhi is sad but Shaurya convinces her to wait for some more time. Ramesh wants to leave when Shaurya stops them and asks them to stay there. Ramesh hesitates saying that son is a in law are no special and that they are also another child for them. Babli gets emotional hearing it. Ahir asks if she’s fine.

Babli says she’s fine as they got atleast one son in law who’s a good and she’s happy about it. Ahir asks did she inform about Vineet to Bhalla a but Babli says no. Shaurya asks Bhallas to take part in the organising too. He says that the ur job is to make sure Anokhi gets his name on her hand. They all agree and leave.

Shaurya asks Anokhi to wait for some more time and soon she will be happy. Tej and Devi are watching Shaurya’s engagement in laptop with Alok. Shaurya takes their blessings and offer sweets to them but none takes it. He left leaving the sweets on table. Tej and Devi have it for Shaurya.

Rama praises Babli for her decorations and asks for Ahir. Babli says he has gone to station for some important job. Shaan admires Aastha and flirts with her. Aasha stops him and is very happy for the day. Bhallas come there and asks if they are happy with the arrangements. Shaan says everything is perfect.

Alok mocks Gayathri for the preparation. He insults Babli while Kitty and Bebo smirks. Shaan stops him and asks him to behave. He says that the decoration is made with so much efforts. Shaurya comes there and accepts with the statement. Everyone happily greets him and he calls Kitty and Bebo for celebrating it with dance.

Everyone rejoices hearing it . Anokhi writes Shagun’s name on his hand and starts leaving. Shaurya stops her and gives her Shagun for writing the name
Everyone starts dancing and Anokhi and Shaurya dream as dancing with each other. Babli forces Anokhi to get mehendi on her hands. Anokhi with a heavy hearty sits down for the same. Shaurya signals Mehendi artist to write Shaurya’s name and she does. Anokhi gets shocked seeing it.

Precap :Anokhi tries wiping off the mehendi from her hands but it doesn’t go. Babli asks Anokhi about her Mehen

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