Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 30th March 2021 Written Update: Devi asks Shagun to come into shaurya’s life again

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 30th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kitty asking Bebo where was she all this while. Bebo hides her blush and makes some excuse. Anokhi comes there and Kitty and Bebo taunts her for coming back again. They asks if there’s any unfinished business left and Anokhi says her graduation is left to complete and even her post graduation. They mock her for cheating.

Reema says Anokhi about upcoming cultural fest and Kitty and Bebo mocks them. They say they are the coordinator and there’s no chance for Anokhi to participate in it. Their other friends mocks her that she would participate in serving food and drinks. They all laugh and Shaurya comes there. He scolds them for their behaviour. Anokhi looks at Shaurya and recalls Reema’s words and Shaurya too recalls Kanchan’s words.

Anokhi avoids eye contact with him but Shaurya comes to her. He asks about hostel and she says it’s fine. Anokhi calls him Ps. He asks if anything else troubles her inform him so that he doesn’t let that happen. Later, Shaurya announces that there’s no class for today due to cultural fest. He says whoever is giving any unique idea will become the coordinator. Everyone shouts yes sir but Anokhi calls him Ps but soon corrects it as Sir.

At home everyone are talking about Shaurya. Kanchan indirectly says that Shaurya likes Anokhi. Shaurya comes there and Devi asks him to join them for some time. Shaurya joins them and Devi says him to get married. Devi says he promises her for the same while Shaurya gets shocked. She says it’s necessary and asks him to say his ideal type.

Kanchan, Kitty and Bebo too nags him to say what’s in his mind. Shaurya agrees and says that he wants her intelligent who can make anyone listen to her. He also says that he wants her to have the ability to fight, simple and traditional but her thoughts should be modern. He says he should not worry about his self respect and ego for apologizing to her. Devi thinks its Anokhi so does Kanchan. He continues saying that he needs to have comfort that he’s even ready to share his protein bar.

Shaurya too realizes that he’s talking about Anokhi. He recalls his moments with Anokhi. Shaurya is shocked himself while Devi looks stunned. Kanchan thinks Devi couldn’t figure out who it is by Devi seeing her silence. Kitty and Bebo mocks him while Shaurya tries escaping. Devi stops them from teasing him and he leaves. Devi thinks it can never happen.

Anokhi comes to her room in hostel and Reema helps her unpack. Shaurya is confused how could he think like that about his own student. He gets restless and nervous.

Tej finds Devi angrily folding clothes. He understands that Devi is angry and asks the reason for it. Devi explains whatever happened. Tej asks who’s that girl that won’t agree to get married in Sabherwals House. Devi says if it happens it’s all done. On the other hand, Shaurya calls Anokhi while she tries avoiding it seeing Reema. Reema attends the call and Shaurya asks Anokhi if everything is comfortable there. Anokhi says everything is fine. However soon in nervous, Shaurya picks a fight with her.

Anokhi too taunts him back and cuts the call. She too is nervous with her newfound feelings. She sends away Reema scolding her for her rubbish thoughts. She thinks it’s not possible for Shaurya to like her.

Tej on the other hand asks who’s the girl. Devi says Anokhi shocking him. Both Shaurya and Anokhi are lost in each other’s thoughts.
Precap : Shaurya brings flowers for Anokhi. Anokhi picks the flowers and admires it. Shaurya sees it. Shaurya meets up with Shagun.

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