Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 8th June 2021 Written Update: Anokhi ready to fight for her rights.


Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 8th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anokhi angrily marching towards Tej without caring about her teasers. Tej welcomes her in and Anokhi asks the reason for her rustication. Alok says about the rule in the rulebook. Anokhi says that she married Shaurya and its her personal issue. She says it has nothing to do with college. She says that she won trophy representing the college in seminar.

Anokhi says if they have personal problem with her marriage then they could discuss it outside college with Shaurya. Tej shuts her in the middle when Anokhi says that she cannot accept the rustication and will definitely fight for her rights. She threatens to complain education board as every time they find a reason to rusticate her but she proved herself right. Tej asks if she’s trying to use Shaurya’s power for which Anokhi says that she’s doing whatever she could by herself and angrily tears off the rustication letter and marches out. Alok says that this didn’t work and they need to find another way before Shaurya comes there.

Aastha and Shaurya are having happy time. Shaurya asks her to come with him to Chandigarh. Aastha says she’s divorced and Shaurya says their relationship can’t and divorced. Aastha asks him to not worry about her but worry about bringing Anokhi home. Shaurya without thinking replies that Anokhi will definitely come as they are married now.

Aastha gets shocked. Babli is walking scared on road when Ahir comes there and asks if she’s OK. Babli says she’s fine and says she’s just worried about Anokhi who’s fighting alone. She asks him to find a way to help her. Anokhi comes to hostel and finds the warden throwing out her stuffs. Anokhi asks about it for which she asks her to vacate the place in half an hour. Anokhi stands helpless and Reema suggests her to call Shaurya. Anokhi is a about to call but then decides that she needs to fight her own problems. Aastha asks Shaurya shocked about his marriage with Anokhi and calls it wrong.

Shaurya says that he did marry her in wrong way but he will try to make it right. She asks him to not make the same mistake as her and Shaan and stand by Anokhi in the fight. She asks him to stay by her side and not leave her alone. Shaurya promises to not leave her and takes his leave asking her to come back too. Aastha sends him off.

Anokhi is with her luggage in Ahir and Babli’s place. Babli asks Where’s Shaurya and Anokhi says she didn’t say it to him. Babli scolds Shaurya and his family. Shaurya is in his car when he gets a message from Reema about the situation in college. Shaurya angrily turns his vehicle. Alok and Tej are discussing about Anokhi and decides to do something with Anokhi after the rustication. They suddenly hear Shaurya’s voice and Shaurya says he knows what to do. He says they did right by expelling her from hostel as she won’t listen to him and come and live with him otherwise.

He says that now he can marry Anokhi and take her to live with him. Tej warns him to not create problem. Shaurya says that he listened to everything he said but in return he only asked him to not mess anything in college but he didn’t keep the word. He asks him to call pandit to fix a date for grahpravesh. Tej shouts at him saying that he would never let that happen in the house. Shaurya says if that’s his decision then he would like to leave the house as he can’t live without Anokhi.

Everyone tries convincing him but he didn’t listen. He taunts Alok if he would throw his luggage away just like he did with Anokhi. Shaurya comes to his room and calls Aastha and said whatever happened. He says none stood with him and asks if he’s doing right. Aastha says that none knows it better than her about leaving family and the he’s in the same situation now. Shaurya says its not same as Shaan didn’t take stand for her but he will stand by Anokhi forever.

Precap : Tej threatens Anokhi to remove Shaurya from the house if he keeps relationship with her. He says that his love will be the reason for his downfall. Shaurya meets Anokhi.

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