Sherdil Shergil Upcoming Story: Will Raj Kumar learn to do household chores?


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Colors TV’s popular show Sherdil Shergill highlights the story of two different personalities Raj Kumar Yadav who takes life as fun and Manmeet Shergill who is cautious and well balanced about everything in her life.

Currently we are seeing that Manmeet’s family gets Gunjan’s in laws arrested. Murari meets Raj Kumar and Manmeet in office. Rajkumar insults him and makes him leave. Later Raj Kumar makes a blunder in absence of Manmeet and her parents.

In the previous episode, Raj Kumar reveals that Gunjan’s mother in law torture her because Raj’s father cancelled a deal with them. Gunjan’s mother in law says that they won’t let Gunjan come to their home after all these.

Puneet asks her to shut up and beats her using sandal. Ajeet tells Gunjan’s mother in law that they will meet in court. Gunjan’s mother in law asks for forgiveness. Gunjan asks her family to not harm Roshan. They get Gunjan’s mother in law arrested. Raj tells Manmeet that he is proud of her.

Ajeet thanks Raj Kumar. Raj Kumar says that he did everything for Gunjan. Manmeet says that they should give Gunjan and Roshan a second chance.

Raj Kumar suggests to let Gunjan and Roshan stay at Ajeet’s house at Shimla. Ajeet Puneet decide to go back to Shimla and visit maha laxmi temple before that. Murari tries to poke Raj Kumar in office. Raj gives him fitting reply and make him leave.

Bhairav questions Murali for exiting from office following Raj’s instructions. Murari says that he could not take the insult. Raj Kumar creates a blunder when Manmeet attends a meeting in office and her parents visit the temple.

Later he asks Puneet to teach him household chores. Ajeet says that he and Punnet are going back to Shimla. Manmeet requests Puneet and Ajeet to stay with them.

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