Sherdil Shergill 23rd January 2023 Written Update: Nirali feels upset watching Raj doing chores at Manmeet’s house


Sherdil Shergill 23rd January 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Puneet saying she can stay but jokes that she isn’t going to teach Raj anything. Raj Kumar also plays along. Manmeet says that she will not come in between mother in law and son in law and tells them to manage themselves. Ajay also smiles happily. Puneet tells Ajeet that he should have supported her and agreed to go back to Shimla. She says if they would have left, Raj Kumar would have left his stubbornness to handle the household.

Raj Kumar does live on social media and introduces himself as household husband. He says about his identity as Mamaji Yadav and says now he will come live everyday and discuss a topic. Mr Yadav also is seen watching live. Raj Kumar says he will teach ande ka Funda today. Ajeet says Puneet that Raj is doing everything for himself and Anmol so they should let him do it. Raj Kumar is going live from kitchen and Ajeet comes there, he introduces him on the live as his father in law who is renowned lawyer. Raj Kumar ends the live and Ajeet hugs him. Ajeet encourages Raj Kumar.

Mr Yadav feels annoyed after watching the live. Priyanka starts provoking him again. She tries to manipulate Bhairav Singh emotionally and shows the frame with Raj Kumar and Mr & Mrs Yadav. She says how they have picture with Raj Kumar but not her as she is daughter and he is son. Mr Yadav gets angry and is about to tear off the frame but Murari stops him saying Nirali will feel bad. Puneet comes to Manmeet’s room and tells her not to wake Raj up. Ajeet also comes to wake Raj up.

Raj Kumar wakes up and Manmeet tells him to change Anmol’s diaper. Puneet is still hesitant to let Raj Kumar do the chores. Brijesh tells Nirali that he went to office to give tiffin and kheer she made but Raj wasn’t at office. Mishraji said that Raj won’t be coming to office and Manmeet was busy working. Nirali wonders if Raj Kumar has fallen sick. Priyanka comes there and says she also likes kheer and is about to eat but Nirali stops her and says if she wants to eat she should learn to cook herself.

Raj Kumar learns to make kachoris from Puneet. Ajeet comes and tells Raj Kumar he needs to fry them for a longer time. Raj Kumar does it. Later Raj is coming with groceries and accidentally drops eggs on the floor. He starts wiping the floor and Nirali comes that time. She gets shocked to see Raj Kumar working. Later Puneet tries to clarify Nirali about the situation. Raj Kumar offers her kachoris and asks her to rate it. He says he has made them leaving Nirali shocked and in confusion . The episode ends with all the shocked faces.

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