Sherdil Shergill Upcoming Story: New trouble for Raj and Manmeet


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Colors TV show Sherdil Shergill has kept the viewers constantly hooked. With Raj and Manmeet coming to attend Gunjan’s wedding, viewers have seen Raj’s sensible side as he tried to console a heartbroken Manmeet.

In the previous episode Raj and Manmeet managed to convince the relatives about being a married couple. Later Manmeet had a break down because of Ajeet’s indifferent behaviour towards Anmol.

Raj tried to console and cheer Manmeet up which was witnessed by Puneet who misunderstood the situation and thought Raj and Manmeet really have something in between.

Puneet told Ajeet how she felt Raj is actually Anmol’s father and Manmeet ia just lying to them however they should wait for her to come and tell the truth herself rather than confronting her.

At night due to circumstances Raj and Manmeet had to share same room however after Manmeet slept, Raj got up to leave the room. In the upcoming episodes we will see Manmeet and Raj dancing happily on stage with Anmol. But one of the relatives says that she has invited someone for Manmeet’s marriage. Yadavs will be shown coming towards the stage.

Manmeet will be shocked to see Mr Yadav and his wife and nudges Raj who will be busy dancing. What will be the result on this new chaos?

Will Raj’s family misunderstand the situation?

To know what’s happening stay tuned to Sherdil Shergill on colors tv and voot app.