Sherdil Shergill Upcoming Story: Raj and Manmeet spend time together


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Colors TV show Sherdil Shergill is yet at another important turn as we see Mr Yadav getting Manmeet arrested and tortured in the jail but Raj who is determined to help Manmeet gets himself arrested too. Will he be able to get Manmeet out?

In The previous episode Raj and Hussain got into argument when Hussain pointed Bhairav Singh was involved. Ajeet told them to stop fighting and think how to get Manmeet out from the jail. Manmeet fell down on the floor when inspector slapped her and got hurt from the pot that breaks. Raj entered forcibly inside and held Manmeet.

At jail, two prisoners tortured Manmeet and made her fall unconscious. Raj asked Ajeet about how Manmeet got hurt. Raj intentionally got himself arrested and got inside jail. Manmeet got happy seeing him and held his hand. He assured her that tomorrow they will go outside together.

Manmeet got emotional and told Raj that she never thought she will start liking his craziness. Manmeet questioned Raj why he got himself arrested. He said that now that he is inside Mr Yadav will surely do something to take them outside.

Raj joked with Manmeet and says they should pretend to talk on phone whole night. Ajeet and Hussain appreciated Raj’s efforts for Manmeet.

Constable gives Manmeet food that came from her home. In the upcoming episodes we will see what will be Mr Yadav’s reactions knowing about Raj getting arrested

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