Sherdil Shergill Upcoming Story: Raj Kumar and Manmeet exposes Mr Yadav and Priyanka


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Colors TV show Sherdil Shergill is towards its end and we are finally seeing Mr Yadav getting exposed by Raj Kumar’s planning! Will Manmeet and Raj Kumar get their happy ending?

In the previous episode Raj Kumar and Manmeet went to Manmeet’s house.
Mr Yadav gave the divorce papers and warned Manmeet. She instead taunted him back and said she will show him his real place.

Priyanka asked Mr Yadav to see the clip she sent him. Raj and Bhairav Singh saw Abhishek and Manmeet’s clip from office. Manmeet came there crying aloud and said Anmol was missing.

Manmeet cried and blamed Mr Yadav for getting Anmol kidnapped. Raj Kumar told its between him and Manmeet and Mr Yadav should keep Anmol out of it.

Raj Kumar said how he was never against Manmeet and started telling how they planned everything. Bhairav Singh was left speechless at turn of events. Manmeet told how she already had a negative feeling with Abhishek suddenly appearing as CEO from dubai company.

Later she reached out to the company and realized it was all fraud. Raj Kumar had warned her all this was setup by Mr Yadav. He told Manmeet how Abhishek reached same cafe where they went for lunch and then told her the plan to act along and expose Mr Yadav.

She told whatever she said in office about Raj was actually scripted by RK himself. Hussain brought Abhishek to Yadav house leaving Mr Yadav shocked.

To know what’s happening next stay tuned!