Sherdil Shergill Upcoming Story: Will Mr Yadav realize his mistake?


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Colors TV show Sherdil Shergill is all set to show the society a new trend with Raj Kumar determined to do all the household chores and prove that handling home is a task too. Will he get successful in his efforts or face judgement from the society?

In the previous episode Nirali asked if she can take few kachoris home. Raj got happily surprised. Later Nirali asked Raj why he was doing all the household chores when it was Manmeet’s responsibilities.

Raj said office won’t work without Manmeet so he has decided to become house husband instead.

Staffs mocked how Raj was MD and now was behaving like a house wife. Nirali came back home taunted Mr Yadav for turning Raj Kumar into servant. She told him how Raj was mopping the floor and made kachoris.

Raj and Manmeet spent some time together in cabin as Raj brought kachoris for her.

Mr Yadav blamed Priyanka for making Raj go away from them. Later Manmeet asked the staffs who made fun of Raj to make coffee for her. They mistakenly drop it on floor and started wiping it.

Manmeet came there and said how they don’t do these work at home but are doing at office because their boss told them. Manmeet questioned them who gave them right to mock Raj Kumar.

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