Sherdil Shergill Upcoming Story: Will Raj find Mr Yadav is behind Manmeet’s arrest ?


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Colors TV show Sherdil Shergill is known for its interesting twists and turns but currently the show is going through an emotional turmoil as Manmeet gets accused and arrested because of Mr Yadav. How will Manmeet come out from this issue?

In the previous episode Manmeet requested lady inspector to let her meet her little son once before leaving. Manmeet met Anmol and felt emotional.

Media reporters telecasted news about Manmeet being arrested. Mr Yadav and Priyanka enjoyed watching the news. Puneet reached their house and called out for Raj.

Puneet told how police arrested Manmeet and dragged her. Raj got shocked. Mr Yadav acted nice and said he is too impatient and this time is too work calmly and handle the situation. Raj said he will go to police station immediately and leaves.

Inspector talked rudely to Hussain and Manmeet and don’t listen to any of their questions. Raj reached there and assured Manmeet he won’t let anything happen to her. Ajeet said he is Manmeet’s lawyer but they said Mr Yadav has already hired another lawyer for her.

One of the best lawyer came there but turned out he will fight for the labors right against Manmeet. The lady inspector behaved badly with Manmeet and Manmeet questioned her on whose instructions has she been doing all this.
Will Manmeet find out its all done by Mr Yadav?

To know what’s happening next stay tuned to this space.